Motorola Droid Razr HD CyanogenMod 11 install and review

Unlocked bootloaders only
How to install CyanogenMod 11 KitKat Android 4.4.2 on the bootloader unlocked Motorola Droid Razr HD or HD Maxx

Link to the XDA post on this rom by dhacker
Also the rom can be found here
New TWRP recovery is here

How to install Android Device drivers
Why Root Android devices video
Universal UnRoot App for all Devices
My New Downloads Page is here
Warning… do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for what you do to your device.
I am happy to help with any problems my subscribers are having on their android devices. I am going to need lots of info from you to be able to help. Because of the large amount of messages I get every day I will not answer any questions that do not include this info in the message thanks for understanding. 1. What device you have. 2. What android version you are running. 3. What rom stock or custom rom / build number in about phone. 4. What you have done to the device. 5. Recovery stock, TWRP. CWM . With this info I will be able to help. 

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  1. Can the XT926 be unlocked to operate on all carriers? My phone was purchased new at Verizon.

  2. please any1 help me to update my phone +923076545934 my nwtsup number or facebook or gmail.. plz contct me

  3. how do i download TWRP. when i go to recovery it sends me to the stock one from jelly bean

  4. I tried to install 'cm-11-UNOFFICIAL' from my external sd card and got this error message at the beginning:

    Intalling update…
    set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed
    E: Error in /external_sd/CM11/
    (status 7)
    Instalation aborted …

    What could it be the reason? I have CWM v6.0.1.9

  5. I unlocked the bootloader before I had updated to 4.1.2 on stock rom. Boot never makes it past warning bootloader unlocked screen on custom rom such as cyanogenmod. Recovery stock is fine but I really want cyanogenmod. 🙁

  6. Android KitKat on Razr I? Am I missing something? I though it was not possible to upgrade firmware further than 4.1

  7. CyanogenMod has cm11 listed on their site for this phone (xt926) can I use that one? All the videos I see are unofficial builds so it leaves me wondering

  8. Just got a Razr M Considering these are similar. Do these roms work on the Razr M or re those seperately.. (I can't seem to find a video with a Razr M so please help me)

  9. I bought a droid razr maxx it had it alredy and i just want the normal google play

  10. I did this tutorial for an xt925using the files provided, so far so good, liking it very much, thank you for all your great videos.

  11. Thank you man!! greetings from Argentina, can you recommend me another ROM for my Motorola Razr HD? 

  12. Hi I been trying to figure out how to install jelly bean back on my device from KitKat is there a how to on how to do this alot of this stuff has been so confusing to me and just wanna get it back thanks

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