My Custom Greenhouse Design, Build, & Tour!

Thank you – hit them up to talk greenhouses, their team is INCREDIBLE. Get ready for some truly exotic and rare plant grow guides coming soon thanks to the new epic greenhouse!


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00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Planning & Designing The Greenhouse
01:46 – BC Greenhouse Owners
01:57 – Greenhouse Foundation
02:52 – Greenhouse Build
03:59 – Greenhouse Tour


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29 Replies to “My Custom Greenhouse Design, Build, & Tour!”

  1. I had an interesting thought while watching this. Do you think you could create a beneficial environment if you placed one of these over the pond reservoir? I'm thinking you could achieve a high humidity environment that would only be possible in a rainforest allowing you to grow some really interesting things.

  2. I am in zone 9b and honestly cannot think of a reason for one. Maybe a black pepper plant and vanilla bean orchids but there is a lot of work involved in curing and fermenting.

  3. Friendly correction: +15F is NOT a -9.44C differential, it is about 8.33C differential.
    You need to account for the intercept! Fahrenheit = 32 + (9/5) Celsius

  4. Wow, an amazing “green” greenhouse! Congratulations Kevin ????????????????????️????????????????????????????????????

  5. Do you grow strawberries and if so what varieties? I have not had luck starting them from seeds.

  6. buy buy buy buy…………………………………….. you need this you need this you need this

  7. How fun is that ! Crazy question with you growing the coffee and trying to vanilla beans in the banana plant. Do you have to add a bucket of water or some thing to bring up your humidity?

  8. Super jelly lol thanks for sharing and please please keep us updated how the vents work with the heat.

    I (Colorado plains) got a green house last fall to start my spring crop. Got it late oct and without help still hadnt got it finished (wind kept blowing my progress over). Anyway, since early Nov its been covered in snow.

  9. I learned from my grandpa that if you want to optimize the flow of the fan, you would need to install it a few inches/cm away from the windows(towards the inside) and use the Bernouli principle to exhaust more air faster and thus use less electricity. Just offset the fan towards the inside a bit and get better results. It would of course be better to ask the designers of the structure for further advice on this, but my grandpa did it DIY on his greenhouse and worked great for many years.

  10. ❤For us, it’s easier to make mini greenhouses where they could be moved when not needed and they work fantastic, but that is a beautiful greenhouse you’ve got there

  11. I absolutely love that you live in a normal city neighborhood doing all of this!

  12. LOVE your greenhouse! So nice to have one side taller. Aesthetically I think it goes really well with your shed. 🙂

  13. I look forward to seeing how you will deal with too much heat in the greenhouse in the not so distant future with your EPIC SHADECLOTH episode!

  14. You will love the greenhouse! I’d advise you to look into adding a shade cloth when it gets warmer. Happy ????‍????

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