HOUSE TOUR | Inside Darren Ransdell's Haunted Hollywood Home

Feeling spooky? Meet designer Darren Ransdell and his 100 year-old Hollywood home with otherworldly guests. Originally from Kentucky, a call to house-sit brought Darren to Los Angeles 30 years ago. His 1920’s French Normandy style home is a constant chameleon. From hosting celebrities to serving as a set for film crews and fashion labels, Darren is always reinventing the space to accommodate his latest artistic endeavors. Friendly spirits are quick to make their presence known, however Darren is comforted knowing that they protect the energy that led him to fall in love with the home in the first place. Enjoy this special episode!

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14 Replies to “HOUSE TOUR | Inside Darren Ransdell's Haunted Hollywood Home”

  1. A magnificent home. Darren, what an incredible career you have. You look wonderful. Hello from Louisville. Mike, Rick and I say hello. Stephanie Shannon

  2. I knew that fellow was a gay Miss Havisham he didn’t have to say ???? what the Dickens is he talking about ?
    The breakfast room is definitely hunted … ????‍♂️

  3. So I want to know how the spirits let him know they don't like someone…

    Lovely curation. I really enjoyed his personality as well.

  4. Your home is fabulous! I love all of your artwork and wonderful collections. I am definitely checking out your website. By the way, I am from Lexington, Kentucky currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.

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