Top 10 ALDI Finds RIGHT NOW!

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There are some great ALDI finds happening right now, including one of the best keto tortillas! :et’s go shopping at ALDI.

28 Replies to “Top 10 ALDI Finds RIGHT NOW!”

  1. Tried them and was disappointed. Enjoy the videos but have to disagree with you on this product. Would not recommend to buy. I'm talking about the meatballs.

  2. Great video Bobby! Big fan; been using the app lately. Have you ever been to a Natural Grocers' Vitamin Cottage? I lived in Denver for 10+ years and there were several locations. Their bulk herb section is legendary.

  3. Yay, I just love your tips, Bobby!! I got my Mom to use, and taught her how to use your app too!!

  4. I don't know where you are getting those prices at Aldi's. My Aldi's in Minnesota are much higher than that!!

  5. Hey Bobby- can you offer yourself thoughts, on the recently released findings, concerning the dangers of Erythritol?

  6. Thank you sooo much for all your information- I find myself reading all ingredients before buying anything now

  7. I feel like if Aldi corporate were in the know. They would have you film anytime. Their products are always promoted!

  8. I was at Aldi 3 days before seeing this video and got some of that beef and the garlic cubes, and they also had ginger cubes but I got the last package!! I hope Aldi continues stocking those!

  9. Why do you assume most bottled EVOO is fake yet give your blessing on packaged food products that list EVOO as an ingredient? We should assume the meatballs are made with the fake EVOO aka processed seed oils. Those two products shouldn't be Bobby Approved. Did you verify with the manufacturer that they used single origin EVOO? Don't get duped!

  10. Hi Bobby, Please tell us your opinion on if it is safe to consume monk fruit with the erythritol? Thank you in advance.

  11. Hello ????‍♀️my Jan love you ???? Super se bhi uperWaah ji waahWah kya bat haiWah kya bat hair very nicely Amazing beautiful on Video’s also Likes This is Store ????????????

  12. I like Aldi's. They have some unusual foods at times.

    You have me hooked on Seed. My disabled brother had a problem with C-diff after coming home from the hospital. It was so bad he was refusing to eat. After Months of doctors and medications for it, I figured out what was missing in his diet. By day 3, he was doing 75% better. By 2 weeks, it was completely cleared up. He is now on them all the time. The difference is how they digest.

    This was Not doctor approved. It was my decision to try this. If you decide you would like to try this method. Always check with your doctor.

  13. Sams club in my area has same equivalent ground beef for 14.95, packaged the same way. Been same price for a year or more. Amazing

  14. The Keto tortillas has calcium propionate. What does calcium propionate do to your body?

    Side effects of calcium propionate

    One human study linked propionate levels with increased production of insulin and glucagon, a hormone that stimulates the release of glucose (sugar). This can lead to insulin resistance, which occurs when the body can't use insulin properly, leading to type 2 diabetes.

  15. Bought 2 cases of dog food yesterday ????. Hard to find assortment ( of 3 ), ppl will strip the shelf of 'Filet Mignon' flavor ????

  16. You took Dirk's meatballs!???? Thanks for the tortilla tip cuz I never stop in that section anymore. Also – you said "grass finished" but it doesn't say that on the package?? (Still a good deal)

  17. I like when Bobby took that guy’s clearance meatballs and walked off ????

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