My last day in med school

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Who am I?👩🏻‍⚕️🍙
I’m a first-year med student in Turkey.
If you are interested in which ethnicity do I have, I’m mixed. (Japanese-Turkish)
I was born in Japan but I grew up in Turkey. (But I visit Japan every single year)
Both of these languages are my mother language.
I’m polyglot and I can speak 4 languages fluently which are Japanese, Turkish, German, and English. If you don’t think that I’m a polyglot check Cambridge or Oxford Dictionary.
Poly means multiple and glot mean tongue so yes I am 🙂
I will be planning to upload lots of productivity-related videos, so stay tuned if you like those types of videos.
If you have any questions, comment down below.
Love you,

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24 Replies to “My last day in med school”

  1. No you aren't cheesy, you're a lovely lady who is an angelic soul and i love you too.! <3

  2. We love you to Ruri. I really love your channel. Your content is fascinating. In your Videos I feel like you give us support. I hope that you will enjoy living in Italy and you will get used quickly.

  3. Hi there Ruri the problem you talking about 3:32 not special just your uni unfortunately 🙁

  4. Verás ya uso Google el dinero que la comunidad Europea les dio para tratar mi enfermedad lo usu para tu transformación cosa que me costará algún año de vida creo que ya te he dado suficiente no?

  5. girl you are such an inspiration. i just discovered you recently and i seriously think you're going to become one of my fav YTers. i'm so excited to follow along and see your journey!

  6. Ruri ve Hamza'nın buluşmasına o kadar sevindim kii keşke daha önceden olsaydı bu, Ruri gitmeden 🥺🥺

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