18 Replies to “My Nails Are Sufficating!! They Can Not Breath!”

  1. I do know that people have always said as far as suffocating to avoid getting any product (polish, gel, acrylic) on the cuticles themselves.

  2. On the other hand, i can totally get someone feeling like they need/want to do naked nails every once in a while as a break from the enhancements and expressing it as "needing to breathe," in a metaphorical sense–but that would be a purely psychological phenomenon.

  3. I hear this so much and I just politely educate them ???? thanks Suzie we can always count on you ????

  4. But when you put a clear matte coat on your husband's nail to be faster than buffing, he will tell you that his nails weigh too much.????

  5. Actually you do suffocate and destroy your nails if you don't completely cure gel,POLYGEL,and gel polishes, so, completely cure your products so you don't get the greenies,or get any infection and possibly lose your nails forever or even your fingers.

  6. They don't need oxygen, but sometimes people with thin or fragile nails should take a break from the chemical applications to allow new growth to prevent long term issues. I have to take periodic breaks from nail treatments for this reason. Not EVERYONE has to, but I do.

  7. When people say that their nails needs to breathe, I think it's more like my nails need a break not literally that nails take a breath. Maybe it's something that got lost in translation?

  8. I believe that myth comes from those yellow, dried out nails that had nail polish on for way too long.

  9. Thank you Suzie for explaining this. I used to watch a UK nail tech on YouTube – Natasha Lee – and pre-Covid she also explained this very same comment. She said our nails don't have lungs, so therefore they can't breathe in oxygen through the air! However, a few years ago my GP told me to give my nails a rest from applying gel polish – I'd got just a couple that were lifting a bit from the nail bed – he actually said give them a break and let the air get to them!! I gave them plenty of TLC for about 3 weeks, then reapplied the gel – well my daughter was getting married and there was no way I was having bare nails, I was the Mother of the Bride for goodness sake! ???? ????????

  10. If our nails needed oxygen through the air to breath and we put a covering on our nails each time, then we wouldn't have any nails because they would turn black and fall off.

    When are you goingnto bring Katie back? I woukd love to see her to maybe switch places with you where you're the client and she's the tech doing your nails.

  11. Thank you so much! I was just explaining this to my friend the other day, and she was very excited about this news

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