My way to draw body for beginners

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How to draw manga body for beginners. This is my own way to draw the manga body for anime girl. This is the top body part and i hope this guideline video will help you! If you like, please thumbs up, share and comment^^ and subscribe!
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Material: pencil


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Thanks for watching my Anime drawing Tutorial.
My Channel name is AngieARTManga.
Do you love comic, anime, drawing artworks? My Video will teach or share you how to draw manga. Also, i usually draw numbers of speedpaint with copic markers, colour pencils.

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Let draw together and try to create your own manga character!

28 Replies to “My way to draw body for beginners”

  1. Woah, your art is really good! I like your art style a lot. I tried this tutorial and though I am not good at drawing, it was very helpful. Thank you!

  2. This video helped me so much for drawing anime bodies!
    Thanks so much for helping all these people and me! Ur the best Artist i have seen drawing and helping others!

  3. Does an ok job I did not expect that….but I was expecting the unexpected so it doesnโ€™t count

  4. i loved it! im rly bad at drawing and i think it was really nice and easy for me! im usually not into tutorials but this one rocks! ๐Ÿ™‚
    me three minutes after making this comment: edits me: WHY CANT I DRAW HAIR!? OR EYES!? MINE LOOKS LIKE TRASH T-T

  5. n o w d r a w a s t r a i g h t T

  6. n o w d r a w a c i r c l e

  7. I cant draw hand โœ‹ and leg ๐Ÿฆตwhen i draw them they become very very very weird…. But overall the eyes,ears,body and other are pretty good..

  8. Am I stupid!? I look at almost every tutorial for drawing this but I seem to never be able to draw this!

  9. Thx I've been struggling to do full body for along time and I think this helped ๐Ÿ˜….

  10. I tried, but what I drew looks like an alien noodle, the head looks like an alien, de eyes are creepy, the body is just weird and the arms en legs look like noodles… guess I'm gonna try again the whole day and won't make any homework at all xDD

  11. Itโ€™s to easy but the hands are the most easy
    I mean most easiest parts

  12. wow I don't know but I think my brother thats 6 did this no problem when I cant even keep up-

    xd he actually did it

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