My Wedding Weekend has started!

Here are some behind the scene clips of my trip to New York for #BRIDESLIVEWEDDING. Big shout outs to Mary Kay, Monqiue Lhullier, Men’s Wearhouse, Macys and Bacara Resort & Spa for making everything possible! The first is now live on the Brides Youtube Page and can be seen at the link below! Can’t wait for everyone to see the final results. Thank you all for coming on this journey with us!

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  1. I've followed Elle & Blair from day one. I admire the two young women for being independent, forward moving and working for their success. It does rather make me laugh to see still, people who begrudge both their successes and their choices. Don't like them – don't watch. I personally like that two young women can find success in their lives from their passions. They are a close family unit, very supportive parents. I wish them both continued successes and sod the whiners & haters.

  2. How can anyone even stand to be around this bitch or hear her speak…. She seems so purposely ditzy it is so stupid. Get over yourself. Waits for divorce or him to be cheating on you lmao. Wouldn't blame him….

  3. Elle is so pretty but she does look like she's either pregnant or ….. Either way, you are a pretty woman, that hasn't changed.

  4. I miss your videos and how you used to update your channel all the time. Now your views are dying and so is your channel. I used to check your channel 24/7 for new updates. It's really sad seeing your favorite youtuber just wither away..

  5. I am sick and tired with lots of girls accusing Elle of being pregnant. If she was I am sure she would tell us.

  6. Did you quit YouTube? I have missed your videos. Are you going to do a video about how you are enjoying being married.

  7. So exiting, you are so pretty. I just started my channel and we have a beautiful daughter. 🙂

  8. Congratulations Elle and Alex. You make a beautiful couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!

  9. People really need to stop with the pregnancy comments. It's so rude. There is literally nothing in this video that would suggest that she's pregnant. On other sites, she was commenting on her tequila shots and hangover after her wedding. Are y'all for real?

  10. The bridge of your nose is so skinny. Never noticed before. I mean I know you got a nose job but still. It looks kinda weird how skinny it is and then just gets so wide out of nowhere.

  11. What was the point of letting people vote for some of the decisions if you so obviously had decided everything in advance? It's such a transparent technique to get people to visit the brides page more which brought them a bit more publicity. And it's also so obvious that you never planned on following through with any of the votes and that you already had a deal with them to let you pick everything and that the voting part was just a stupid game.

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