NEVER TOO SMALL: Japanese YouTuber’s DIY Rental, Tokyo 58sqm/624sqft

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This charming and welcoming small apartment close to central Tokyo is the rented home of Hige and Watashi (the creators of the wonderful YouTube channel HIGE and ME / HIGE TO WATASHI in Japanese). It is a masterclass in how the challenges and constraints of renting can be met with creativity and a sense of fun. The calming plant-filled loft apartment is a reflection of the couple’s enthusiasm for vintage treasures, upcycling and clever DIY. A concrete wall that could not be altered has been brought to life with hanging plants suspended by a branch and metal hooks fixed to existing light fittings. Highly functional and flexible storage solutions have been created from recycled wooden apple boxes in the living room and a combination of DIY and flatpack furniture in the kitchen and dining room. When the ideal thing does not exist or cannot be found, Hige and Watashi simply make it, which only adds to the sense of character and warmth of this very special small home.

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Renters: HIGE and ME / HIGE TO WATASHI in Japanese
Youtube channel:
Instagram: @204_apartment

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15 Replies to “NEVER TOO SMALL: Japanese YouTuber’s DIY Rental, Tokyo 58sqm/624sqft”

  1. They have a very beautiful and functional living space and lovely plants. Love from usa

  2. what a gorgeous space. I love a home that is filled with bit & pieces/knickknacks as it makes the home feel lived in and loved and not a sterile showroom

  3. By Tokyo standards this space is huge! They lucked out when they found it but I am sure it’s expensive! I love the fact that they put their personalities into decorating the apartment. There is a tendency in Japanese spaces to decorate and design the same way, and to buy most of your furniture from the same place. People don’t really like “clutter”, which is basically any kind of art or non functional item! It’s fine if you only go home to sleep, but some of my friends here were struggling during the beginning of the pandemic, as working from home (and not being able to go out and drink!) they were stuck in essentially a joyless box. In any case, thank you NTS for featuring rental spaces!

  4. What an awesome apartment! And very cool couple. I love that they aren’t too minimalist, especially with their wardrobe/love of fashion. I too have a large fashion collection, and while I keep the rest of my home fairly minimal, I have my spare room dedicated to fashion. It’s about whatever makes you happy at the end of the day 😊

  5. I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment in Sydney Australia I love to watch their channel they are so creative and artistic i love it! I get very good ideas from their videos about how to decorate my small space and is looking very good and pleasant to the eye and comfortable I get so inspired by them ! ! I love how they live 😊

  6. The space itself is beautiful, with the red staircase and built-in oak cabinets. IMO their interior is really messy and all over the place, they could use some closed cabinets.

  7. Finally I got to see how spacious Hige & Watashi's home as their Youtube channel Hige & me shows only close-up of a some section which makes it seem so small their living space. Now as a whole, I really love your place.

  8. Very nice to see a rental space. I actually love the red spiral staircase but I live with ugly fake wooden doors and I can feel what they feel. Maybe I'll try to cover them up with contact paper, floats around my mind for a long time already.

  9. Big fan of this couple and their YouTube channel 🙌 great to see them featured and hear them speak

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