NEVER TOO SMALL: Musicians’ Pet Friendly Apartment, Buenos Aires 48sqm/516sqft

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Designed by experimental architecture firm MoobArq, this unique and colourful home reflects its creative owners; maximising space for their pets, music, art classes and relaxation. By demolishing the original wall that divided the kitchen, living and dining area, MoobArq created a spacious open plan layout. Taking advantage of the high ceilings by adding a pink metal framed mezzanine area and extending cabinetry and storage to the ceiling, also allowing them to hide away a mini office space and laundry area under the rear glass ceiling. A clever gap in the main storage cabinet, along with a ledge above the bathroom door, creates a space for the cat to play; and a mobile staircase can be moved around the apartment to access everything above. With its bold colours, geometric features and clever storage solutions this apartment is a stunning blend of design and functionality tailored to the owners’ specific needs.
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Produced by New Mac Video Agency
Creator: Colin Chee
Director: Nam Tran
Cinematographer: Fernando Schapochnik
Producer: Lindsay Barnard
Editor: Sebastian Tibbs
Music: I See You in Light by We Dream of Eden, Altitude by Beneath the Mountain

22 Replies to “NEVER TOO SMALL: Musicians’ Pet Friendly Apartment, Buenos Aires 48sqm/516sqft”

  1. I love this! It is 100% NOT my aesthetic haha but it's both fun AND functional, and I love that. What a wonderful place to live, full of personality!

  2. Absolutely love spaces like these.
    I do appreciate small spaces and its' owners minimalistic approach that appear on this channel, but seeing maximalist homes done so well absolutely makes me feel inspired. And that studio and its' glass roof is to die for.

  3. Love it! Would close the bedroom space completely though and make it a separate room.

  4. Its great to see these houses that look colorful, lively, and lived in, as well as being pet friendly!

  5. Love it. Lots of visual interest and successful creation of a feeling of space. Great example of managing to create a sense of "rooms" within a single main space. I would imagine it's a great home to live in. Love that the pets have been considered too.

  6. I love watching the videos of this channel, but can never watch them for long because of the music in the background, it makes me really sleepy.

  7. This is SO imaginative & a fabulous use of colour. There are many lovely features, like the mobile staircase, the large door into the garden, the net next to the bed so that the light into the sitting room isn’t blocked. It’s even fun for the cars, without looking like it’s a cat’s playroom. Love it, love it, love it!

  8. I love this so very much! It's unique, delightful, quirky, functional all in one!

  9. It's great to see a space with lots of loose furniture instead of all built-ins. The clients will have the option of adding, subtracting, and rearranging things over time.

  10. I loved to see the cat roaming around like: yeah this apartment is nice???????? the architects followed my instructions. ????????????
    I loved the vibration of the colors in this funky apartment ????

  11. Die Wohnung ist einfach super schön und richtig gut durchdacht. Ich liebe die Terasse! Auch ein wichtiger Aspekt, dass es durch die Erhaltung der Substanz, auch noch sehr nachhaltig ist. Gefällt mir sehr gut ❤????

  12. Wow! Congratulations to the architects for a beautiful, imaginative, and practical design. @nevertoosmall would it be possible to put a scale on the plan drawings for your future videos? It would be really helpful for context. Just a thought, thanks!

  13. I've been thinking a lot about how a tiny apartment would work for a musician, especially as a weirdo that collects guitars and old amps myself. Thanks a million for this!

  14. This sort of funky, playful, unusual and cleverly designed apartment is my absolute favourite! I absolutely loved the playful colours that zone off the areas perfectly. I loved the tall cupboards and their pink colour and the cutout walkway for the cat! Awesome! I loved the mezzanine and the multi purpose steps. As a musician with multiple instruments myself I also appreciated seeing the studio area which would be very inspiring and fun to work and play in. ❤️❤️????????

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