24 Replies to “tomato chili salmon!”

  1. Your dicing skills are top notch. Everything is always chopped so perfectly

  2. Masha Allah this girl's cooking looks delicious. I always get excited about cooking if I watch her videos ❤

  3. My local Indian restaurant does a garlic chilli salmon that is absolutely to die for.
    I absolutely can't describe how good it is.

  4. Love your recipes! I made the snap pea salad you made in another video and it is now my go-to anytime I want something fresh ❤

  5. Looks like ikan bakar rica & dabu dabu + rice, my mom used to make it for us????

  6. Hello Young lady,it's about time I have seen a very talented French cook.Great salad to balance.I have been cooking killer food 34 years.The pain is here but I have learned to work, cooking from my heart not my body.Thankyou Chef????

  7. I put several ropes of hot steamy butternut on mine. It gives it that extra twang.

  8. I had to google why to rinse the onion. I’ve never done that but am going to try it next time I use red onion. For any body wondering it helps with the pungency leaving a more mellow flavour.

  9. I’m allergic to salmon, but I bet this seasoning would go great on some tofu! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. What happened to the green cap olive oil? Did you get that sponsorship? ???? or buying in bulk now? Much love!

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