New Addition to My Wild Western Town!

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This week, I decided to build the next installment of my Wild Western Town! This addition is a general store. I also decided to finally paint and add a monster to the cage next to the sheriff’s office. The town is coming along nicely. Hope you enjoy!

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14 Replies to “New Addition to My Wild Western Town!”

  1. You should add a cemetery for the church, So the little peoples have some where to put their loved ones who died fighting monsters.

  2. I met an old Rockhound down Houston way. He had a good piece of land and as his rockwork grew, so did his needs for storage buildings. After he out grew the First, second, third building…when we visited him, he had nigh on twenty ten by ten buildings with board walks and a lane between the rows. Each had a look all its own…enjoying your build from here in Kansas City, the Three Trails to the West.

  3. Amazing as always. Such a sick town idea. Maybe a building idea, a hunting dog kennel or pen where the hunters keep their tracking animals for hunting monsters. Maybe not dogs but something that the monster hunters would use but dogs seems like it would fit western vibe

  4. I feel like its a shame you cant see into the sheriff’s cage. It would be cool if the top of it was open, so you could actually see the monster inside. It also seems appropriate due to the lookout platform above the cage, and the stance of the bigfoot/yeti inside. It seems like he is screaming/roaring at a guardsman standing on the platform.

  5. Oh my gooooood!!! Please more of these ???? I love these universe! It is just awesome ????

  6. So, what scale is all of this in? And I feel like a Train Station would be a very cool addition to this little scene you have going on!

  7. Awesome building with Lots of character! I also really like the coloring of it.

  8. Make a giant bombardier beetle in a swamping rocky area I think it would be really cool

  9. The hours you put in for what winds up as less than ten minutes of video. Wow. Thank you. They're always a pleasure!

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