Restore Dead Car Battery With Welder? 5 Car Batteries/5 Attempts! DC Welder, Epsom Salt, Desulfator

Let’s try to restore 5 different car batteries using 3 different procedures to see if any of them work. We’ll first use a DC-powered ARC welder to apply a lot of current at once. Then we’ll try using Epsom salt to restore a different battery. Finally, we’ll see if an electronic desulfator can improve the performance of a faulty battery.

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24 Replies to “Restore Dead Car Battery With Welder? 5 Car Batteries/5 Attempts! DC Welder, Epsom Salt, Desulfator”

  1. Honestly I thought this was always a tall tale. I guess it really does work sometimes.

    Maybe a better method of testing would be a golf cart since you'll have 6 batteries of equal wear and can quantify results via a range test.

  2. I have a Schumacher battery charger that has a (auto desulfation mode) that can sense when the battery is badly suflated and using it increased the batteries CCA and voltage and so it enabled me to continue to use an old battery for about 7 years (I finally replaced it when I no longer trusted the battery) even though it still worked (started the truck). ——- Have you done any tests to see which chargers with desulfation modes work the best ?

  3. I always love watching these video's. While i dont own most of the tools that have been tested, watching your videos has become part of my sunday routine. Thank you for all what you do and looking forward to next weeks video.

  4. What was the DC voltage across the terminals of the battery/welder when testing? The amperage setting doesn't mean much when using it in this way. Knowing the current output from the welder (not the current setting on the dial) may be useful as well. Don't try measuring the current with a multimeter in series unless you know for certain that the current is less than the maximum current rating of the meter in amperage mode.

  5. Okay! Something new! I like it! Next video idea: CAN A WELDER MAKE A CAR BATTERY EXPLODE?

  6. lol, its good if you have a welder, but instead of spending 300$ i rather buy a new battery.

  7. talk about the right timing! Just got myself a second hand ebike whit dead lead acid batteris, gotta what this one!

  8. or, instead of poking Hazard with a blunt bat, just buy a new battery, and recycle the old one, and don't fuck with acid and possible battery exploding.

  9. Wow. I've always had good luck with my BIG, 30+ year old Snap-On charger on "HI" while the youngsters play with their tiny, foo-foo, 21st century chargers, BUT YOUR WELDER TAKES IT TO A NEW LEVEL. Fascinating video.

  10. You should cut a bad one open and see what you need to do to repair it I watched some guy in India do it on the curb

  11. If you make comparisons, I would suggest some vs Temu on what you get there at times. I bought a battery charger on Temu just recently but I'm trying to watch to see if it helps or hurts our 4 year old battery on our mower which is on the last legs. Ty for all your reviews!

  12. I think once you do the Epsom salts you got to put the acid back in the battery. That's just what I remember, I'm pretty sure the original instructions for this trick have gotten mixed up over the years.

    You need very good ventilation, hydrogen gas is one of the byproducts.
    This is very interesting, thanks for sharing.

    You need very good ventilation, hydrogen gas is one of the byproducts.

  15. I've used a battery desulfator for several small 12V batteries from a handicap lift. Most of the batteries couldn't hold a charge for more than a day. So just charging them up and using the desulfator for around 2 weeks per battery, i've gotten 5/9 batteries to work.

  16. Thanks for posting…the welder is something I never would have tried, but I feel a bit more comfortable after seeing it on a channel I trust. Excellent video, as always.

  17. I've brought batteries back from the dead by charging with a current limited power supply set to 500ma and 13.1v, left connected for 3 weeks.

  18. The original battery on my Nissan Almera (Sentra) lasted 9 years (Portugal, 200km per week). The next one lasted less than 5 years. The car was built in the year 2000 and still seems healthy with only 140000km.

  19. I heard alum works maybe try that instead of Epsom salt

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