Nigella's easy Greek feta pie recipe – BBC

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Full recipe here: “Old Rag Pie is not the most glamorous name for something which, while being incredibly simple to make, will have you, and anyone who eats it, in raptures. The name is the English translation for the Greek Patsavouropita, created by bakeries as a way of using up old scraps of filo pastry: the ‘old rags’ indicated by the title.”

Simply Nigella | Episode 3

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17 Replies to “Nigella's easy Greek feta pie recipe – BBC”

  1. Thankfully there was a visual for this!! I couldn’t get my head around it with how it was written. I making it this weekend.

  2. Thank you Nigella! I have made this numerous times and always perfect and delicious. Sometimes I leave out the honey depending on what we feel like. I have added halloumi and or ricotta with the base feta and tastes great also. This is a keeper !

  3. This shit is so good. My husband hates it which is great because I get to eat the whole thing 🤤

  4. I wish she would cut into the finish product and show it plated or something. I find this so frustrating, same with her other vid with that decadent cake…didn't cut into it. Otherwise love her work!

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