No Knead Bread | Bread Recipe | The New York Times

Mark Bittman, a.k.a. The Minimalist, and Jim Lahey, the owner of Sullivan Street Bakery, share a recipe on how to make no-knead bread where the secret is letting the time do the work.

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No Knead Bread | Mark Bittman Recipe | The New York Times

29 Replies to “No Knead Bread | Bread Recipe | The New York Times”

  1. When I saw this recipe, many years ago, I make a lot of bread, allways delicious, today they have lots of recipes but i was so glad of finding my first love, Thank you Jim, from the other side of the Atlantic

  2. I just mixed 2 cups of white flour, 1/2 cup of coarse rye flour, 2tbsp of oats and 2tbsp of corn groats (all other ingredients are the same as in the video). Fingers crossed I'll have a lovely loaf for breakfast in the morning 🤞

  3. I like the flavour and especially the chewy tangy crust of a basic no knead bread but sometimes the large holes can be annoying or way too big. But they can be reduced by kneading the dough a bit before baking.

  4. His is the best and i mean it …. He is the reason that i start baking bread. Great work from a passionate baker. Be well and keep going!!!


  6. I have never made bread before, at the second attempt it came out great, I'm not buying store made bread again with all the chemicals they put in it to give it a longer shelf life. This is bread to be eaten the day it's made, that is FRESH OF THE OVEN, the way it was made 100 years ago. Thank you Jim and Mark.

  7. Das beste Rezept sind 500g Mehl, 330 ml Wasser, 1 TL Salz und 1/2 Teelöffel Trockenhefe. 12 Stunden gehen lassen. 15 Minuten backe bei 220 Grad und weitere 15 Min mit offenem Deckel.

  8. I preheated oven @510°. Put the dough into a LeCreuset cast iron Dutch oven for 30 minutes covered, the 15 minutes uncovered. The bottom of the loaf was burnt, black, carbonized. It’s too hot, and too long.

  9. nyt propagandize us into war after war after war, then act like the second coming of jazz christ with a ripped off bread recipe

  10. I made this bread twice, and both times it burnt badly on the bottom. First time I used ceramic covered cast iron, cooked 515 for 25 min covered and 20 uncovered. The second time I used regular cast iron, cooked at 500 for 25 min covered and 15 uncovered, and it still burnt. Any tips?

  11. Question: I saw the baker put two flatbread like patted down bread batters one on top of the other into the Lodge and would like to know if he simply doubled the batter and split it into two pieces or how does that work. I have the Lodge and made the bread this week and am in love with it! So easy and well, Artisan! The bread needs to be a bit larger and so I surmised that the two flatbreaded pieces placed one on top of the other was the way to go?

  12. Am trying for the first time but my mixture seems too dry. Any way to salvage? Thanks!

  13. Dear NYT, surely this video was not recorded in 240p. Can we get a higher rez version of this iconic video, please?

  14. Is this the same person who came to Epicurious and analysed the expensive versus cheaper breads?!

  15. I couldn’t believe how easy and what a difference KOSHER salt makes! 👌🏽

    @nyt should be encouraged to not keep this recipe behind a paywall as they currently do because as you say, “everyone should have access” to this easy, affordable way to feed their family.

  16. 14 yrs ago?!!! So this is the original recipe which everyone on YouTube copied. Good job baker!

  17. When I try this recipe the dough comes out extremely wet after the first 12 hours to the point where i cannot shape it. Any suggestions on why this may be happening?

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