'No peace without…': Pak PM sings Kashmir tune again; Virtually rules out trade with India

After Pakistan’s finance minister on Monday said Islamabad could consider food imports from India to overcome shortages caused by devastating floods, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif virtually ruled out the possibility and sought to link the matter to the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Sharif faced a volley of questions on possible food imports and resumption of trade with India when he briefed the international media in Islamabad on Tuesday on the unprecedented floods that have resulted in more than 1,000 deaths and displaced 33 million people. Watch the video for more.

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25 Replies to “'No peace without…': Pak PM sings Kashmir tune again; Virtually rules out trade with India”

  1. PM, FM and all other ministers should sit together to decide if they want to start commerce with India. India is not in a hurry. Stop this gimmicks and come clean.

  2. If there is one more war with Pakistan ,not only Kashmir but also pakistan will be part of India

  3. This attitude is brought you by freshly received financial aid. 🙏

    And shows Kashmir land is more important than well being of citizens of Pakistan.

  4. Of course Pakistan is not acceptable. You cannot but mansions in
    Dubai with vegetables. Pakistan wants Nagad Cash

  5. As long as they keep linking kashmir rest assured their country is on the highway to hell.

  6. Only country in this world destroying by itself just chanting of Kashmir land that is Pakistan ,not only Kashmir even Pakistan is land our ancestor ….in 1947 beggers beg for the land we gave them land after 1947 beggers started begging Kashmir but we did not gave ,now they r begging whole nation to run Pakistan ,but still show the arrogant nature …Pakistan ,born with poor situation is not ur mistake but if u fraction in different country becouse poor condition,then it will b mistake ,,🤣🤣🤣bill gates

  7. Peace will b ,but just let us take us all the whole Kashmir even the pok don't worry about Kashmiri people they all our Indian citizen since from when maharaja Hari siingh sign the treaty of accession in 26oct 1947 …Kashmir and Pakistan is our hereditary birth right land if the times comes we will reunite by hook or crook

  8. we cannot afford war! 🤣🤣, its only pakistan who cant even afford daily bread and butter!

  9. Remeber 1999 kargil war ?
    Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji wemt to pakistan for peace agreement
    Pakistan agreed but soon after 2 months backstabbed us and treacherously annexed kargil for which a lot of our soldiers died.

    "If you treat your enemy with respect you will end up losing your territory" – Raja Vikramaditya

  10. Inn kutthonse koi trade math karna.. Sadke marenge sab log. Waise turkey ya China koi madad ke liye taiyar nahi hai. Hum kyun kare

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