NYC's Oldest Family-Owned Tofu Shop | NYT Cooking

Meet Paul Eng. He’s the owner of Fong On, New York City’s oldest family-run tofu shop. Initially he spent years abroad exploring his artistic passions like photography and music. When he eventually returned to New York, he ended up taking over his family’s Chinatown shop, which they opened in 1933.



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20 Replies to “NYC's Oldest Family-Owned Tofu Shop | NYT Cooking”

  1. As a Taiwanese, I'm honored that our chaotic food culture could help Mr Eng's tofus evolve.

  2. As a vegan I eat tofu and soy milk almost on a daily basis. Wish this place was closer to where I live???? I also found it very cool that he is still rocking out????????

  3. Thank you for these videos. Along with the pizza place profiled previously, Fong On is now on my places to visit list when I am next in New York. I wonder if they sell the soy pulp. It’s nutritious and great to cook with.

  4. Great family and Paul's wife Marina is beautiful in and out!
    Great tofu products! Delicious ????

  5. Who are his customers? Is it profitable? These are basic questions a business profile should answer.

  6. any time i walk by i make sure to buy at least 1 thing from Fong On – it always tastes so fresh, and all the employees are super friendly

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