Oil burner parts

Oil burner assembly with parts illustrated and an explanation of their function
This video is part of the oil furnace series of training videos made to accompany my website: www.grayfurnaceman.com to pass on what I have learned in many years of service and repair. If you have suggestions or comments they are welcome.
If you are a homeowner looking to repair your own appliance, understand that the voltages and fuels used can be lethal and can cause a fire or explosion. Know your limits.

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  1. I bought a Spirit low boy oil Furnace (made by Thermopride) last year..It has these new Beckett AFG burners..Love that unit and the burner it's so reliable..Replaced an old Hallmark furnace in my Mother's house from back in 1968..

  2. I have a Wayne Oil Burner Model MSR that won’t shut off. Any ideas on what’s causing that? It’s not the thermostat.

  3. I have an oil burning boiler furnace and every time it starts up there is an audible beep/chirp noise. It's not a mechanical noise, definitely something from a speaker of sorts. I've looked high and low and watched several videos but I cannot find what could cause this. I'm going to have someone come out and service it but in the meantime, any ideas as to what might be the cause?

  4. I have this unit. No heat. Curcuit breaker working. Fan on. Took cover off looks like this. How do you reset the flame?

  5. hey gary where can i find a mobile home furnace cheap for my garage small garage thanx bob i enjoy your videos live in hollidaysburg pa

  6. Do the igniter only need to work once to start the burner or it works constantly as atomized fuel are being sprayed into the chamber?

  7. can u please tell me how to clean an electric furnace eye myself,i had an old thermostat,one with mercury,so i changed that,

  8. Thank you for your quick response  I guess I'll find out more when new pump arrives! There is a point where line is in  concrete to go past door way,36' Any input greatly appreciated !Keep up the excellent video's I think your helping eliminating hacks in the industry!!  

  9. I called tech support when i seen the accessory package with a plug used for 2 pipe systems. Olsen tech told me that unit is made for 1 pipe systems and the plug would be used for 2 pipe system. My tank is above ground on same level about 6' away from furnace. The inlet line is about 20" off floor so i don't need the lift that the 2 pipe system would create 

  10. I recently purchased a scratch and dent unit, Olsen / Airco ; Mod# BFL 120-2,
    ser.#4812BO15232, I'm unfamiliar with setting the unit up for proper combustion,When I tried to bleed the aIr out of bleeder I got nothing I looked for blockage there was a filter screen and the port on top end of bleeder looks like a pressure  connection when I looked at the old unit bleeder it has wide open hole no screen and no pressure fitting,   I say pressure fitting,I'll compare it to a out board boat motor gas connection looks a steel ball bearing on the intake for the gas female opening,and line from gas tank is the male opening Still waiting for replacement pump from New York could be up to a week because of severe storms out that way. My Beckett burner , AF65XN. My question is why do you think I couldn't purge the unit? I fired it up, got black smoke for about 5 minutes then it cleared up . When I looked under burner I seen oil dripping the seam that houses the squirl cage, shut the unit off pulled out nozzle assembly every thing was tight,    oil was running back down the tube that houses the diodes and nozzle away from the combustion chamber, called tech support he thought it might be air adjustment problem, what is  your  diagnosis , I watch your channel all the time! I want to thank you for sharing all of your knowledge that you have accumulated over your lifetime

  11. I assume the system uses a 2 pipe system and is moving oil back to the tank. That would mean the pump works. If there is no oil at the gun line, is there a solenoid in the line or in the pump? If there is no solenoid and oil is moving thru the pump, but will not build pressure, either the pump has failed or the pump coupler is slipping. Hope this helps.

  12. have you ever come across an oil pump that draws but doesn't discharge oil. line from pump outlet is clear, and just curious about how much or what kind of volume of oil should be coming out of oil line disconnected from nozzle assembly with pump running….thanks

  13. Your control has a larger transformer for use with air conditioner controls. The heat terminals will be W and R. Hope this helps. GFM

  14. For thermostat instead of just TW TR I have R W B G wire coming from old Honeywell ignition controller

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