PART.1 What is your Skin Type? | 3 Steps to CLEAR SKIN

Hello everyone, the “3 Steps to CLEAR SKIN” is a basic skin care routine that are good for both MEN & WOMEN.
Before you apply anything on your face, it is very important to know what your skin type is. So watch this video and figure out your skin type. And after you are done, watch the part.2 video where you will learn to find the best product for your skin by yourself.

Find Best Product for your SKIN

3 Steps to CLEAR SKIN | For: Men & Women






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30 Replies to “PART.1 What is your Skin Type? | 3 Steps to CLEAR SKIN”

  1. Can anybody tell me that cleanser n face wash is same or different or we have to use both of them daily at morning n at bedtime 😁😁

  2. Pls help me huhu im dying to know what is my skin type. Btw i have a acne on my face before but i consulted on derma so now im taking isotretenoin and im so happy bec my face is slowly cleared. Btw im still taking that medicines.
    And now i want to know what is my skin type.
    On my forehead,nose,chin is oily and my cheeks area around on my nose is oily. But i think some of my cheeks area is okay. And i have a open pores around my cheeks
    So guys what do u think what is my skin type.
    And also my face is sweat
    Bec in my country(phil) is summer
    Sometimes i saw my face speacially on my chin and my open pores are sweating so it hards for me to know what is my skin type bec everytime when im look my face in the mirror is shiny dont know its because of sweating or oily

  3. so i have blackheads , large pores, flaky skin, and its quit sensitive so do I have normal ,dry and oily

  4. thanks to you i have got acne free skin just by following ua cleansing toning moisturizing thing
    heading towards spot free skin

  5. I still don't know my skint type, I can't decide what it is really. I have acne but my face is not very very oily or dry :/

  6. I'm from kathmandu and I have combination skin..can you tell me about the best skin care products for my skin type which I could easily find here please?

  7. I have recently discover your channel and I am in love with your videos. I find your videos very helpful 💖💖💖

  8. So i am acne-prone i was always wondering since i got my period I always have that T-area oily but my skin is naturally dry extremely dry on winter only vaslin can help me 😂 .. Any way thank you

  9. ok I'm pretty sure my skin is dry… but its only flaky around my nose and the rest of my face isn't oily but it does feel a little tight… OK yeah my skin is dry thank you so much for helping!! 💗

  10. Can you talk about type of acne and how to get rid of it and how it happened. Hope you can make it because I don't know what on my face right now

  11. what if i used to have many blackheads but now i've get rid of them but now my nose is oily and i have many little pimple? i guess thats what it called haha idk. and im 15 and from indonesia a very tropical country. i love your channel so much. i always want to take care of my skin but always confuse about skincare. need a little help from you hehe thank you so muchh and stay pretty😉😉

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