Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Grooming & Hygiene – Ep 1 (Ft. Kandee Johnson)

In Episode 1 of Pitbull’s Gentlemen’s Code, Armando and Kandee show you how to keep your grooming and hygiene game on point. From your mouth, hair and smell to your bedroom and bathroom… we’ve got you covered. Dale!

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes of this episode here: http://youtu.be/8eSmtRlqV5o

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16 Replies to “Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code: Grooming & Hygiene – Ep 1 (Ft. Kandee Johnson)”

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  2. false if you really wanna find a mate its better to not wear cologne or perfume because the natural scent or pheromones that your body put out can sometimes attract a certain females stronger than other females this is because they are attracted to your scent which is why i stopped using cologne or perfume

  3. I think that facial skin care is essential and taking showers daily with a soap that has a good scent are a few big things of many things to me. My motto is, "Always put your best look forward" because you never know who you're going to meet or what opportunity will open itself up in your life and you would never want to make a horrible first impression because your hair looks like a forest, or your body or breath smell like a dump truck or your clothes look like balled up sheets of colored paper because they're so wrinkled. You can only make ONE first impression. Make it good. Lastly,  "Always put your best look forward."

  4. I love that Pitbull was talking about grooming. It gives men someone of their kind to reference to. The only thing I would like to put out there is sheets should be changed 1x a week and if you had to push it I would say every 2 wks for the most but not the month. And please fellas if you know you got bz on them sheets it's an automatic change even before the 1wk. Unless she's truly your significant other than yoll can decide that amongst yourselves ♡

  5. Wash the  sheets ONCE A MONTH? aww hell no! that's gross. Every week. at least more if there's a lot of umm "activity" going on in the bed. 

  6. Awww!!! I love Kandee and love Pitbull….Great start! I can't wait to see more of this amazing duo!

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