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Learn Plank pose as our Foundations of Yoga series continues. This posture is in the traditional Sun Salutation Series and is common in an active Hatha Yoga class. Adriene breaks it down so that you can find proper alignment and meet the posture with integrity and ease. With practice, you will grow this posture in a strong and mindful way! You might even grow to love it 😉
Plank is a full body strengthener and a great yoga pose to support the spine and improve posture.
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26 Replies to “Plank Pose – Yoga With Adriene”

  1. Day 180 (part 2!) of the current run. Man, just doing plank for a few minutes is a helluva workout.

  2. Friends, I come to you all to warn about yoga, as it has pagan roots. Yoga is used by the Buddhist to pray to their false god. And the Lord does not want us to worship him the way pagans do. I write this because I care and love. Repent, my friends, for the Lord is coming soon

  3. I was looking to really get into yoga the practice and not just the exercise. I saw how nice and short all these videos are so I decided to do a daily challenge of completing one foundations video every day before I go to sleep. This is the end of my first whole week and it's really nice to just be so GROUNDED! Adriene does a great job of making the complex simple, and the simple complex so you get a really holistic experience. Thank you for laying the groundwork of a really mindful bodily experience. I'm 9 years late lol but very glad this is here!

  4. I've always hated planks and I had never encountered the elbow variation, that one worked great for me!! Thank you for your teaching Adrienne!

  5. Adrian I love you and your foundations of yoga have really help me do the stuff that I can't do by the way Adrian happy Easter!!!!!!!

  6. Where can I find a vid explaining how to take a vinyasa correctly? Going from plank to cobra or down dog? Thanks!!!

  7. Thank you for the tip about where to press in your hands the easiest a plank has ever felt on my wrists doing that 🙂

  8. Absolutely loving this glance back at basics. Makes me stop and align so much better. And my stressed out mind can handle the single focus so much better right now. Thank you.

  9. At about 5:05, I thought I wasn't going to be able to lower my feet again because my cat decided to sit right in the way, then – lo and behold – when Adriene said to lower the feet, my cat miraculously moves.

    I KNEW she could understand English XD

  10. ???? Foundation class! How I've missed you. I realized that my elbows needed to come into my side more than I initially thought; it felt awkward for me to go from D-Dog to Plank because my elbows were still out, but now the transition is a lot better and I'm sure my practice overall will be better. Many thanks ????

  11. I am super elated to have been able to struggle through this. It is a challenge getting back to fitness and wellness after surgeries in my case but also a joy seeing how well I have healed and that I am able TO get back in the swing of things. I am not where I was before my surgeries, definitely better since I have healed, but most definitely not where I was before practicing yoga at all. So great news all around as far as I am concerned. This sent fire from my head to my toes, I still feel the warmth in my arms. I am growing in more ways than one, getting better, and stronger. Thank you Adriene for your expertise, embrace, and love. Jai Namaste???????? ????????????????????

  12. My husband was listening while I did another one of the YWA videos, and he commented, "Wow . . . This woman is the Bob Ross of yoga." I also love Bob Ross and find his videos soothing, so I have to agree. ????

  13. Thank you! I've been doing planks regularly, and this was very helpful to me!

  14. THANK YOU!! This is one of the best videos on how to correctly execute the plank. Namaste!

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