Power pole gold

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16 Replies to “Power pole gold”

  1. The roadside gold is fun, crews open up hillsides and we look for those too. It erodes down and easy to scoop in some of the dirt road mountain passes. A driver rarely sees it. Take a partner.

  2. Pretty interesting. Definitely something to keep in mind. Pretty funny when you had a cold Hefenweizen beer in the background and you said "I'll be right back" gonna go weigh it out and fade out and fade in, beers gone! 🀣….classis man move….

  3. I almost expected the camera to come back on to a pole tipped over

    β€˜I got good news and I got bad news…. good news is I found gold…bad news is well it was underneath that pole.’

  4. …. dint even finish the forced ad… gave u a thunbs down and moved on….

  5. Weigh it in grains. One grain is 1/7000th of a pound. I guarantee you would be able to weigh it, if your scale did or does grains.

  6. I work for a utility. We put the dirt into a bag and haul it off. In the wilderness not sure. Be careful around them in case there’s stray voltage.

  7. Wonder what state he’s in also if he went back. Still it was interesting

  8. Good find!! More time spent collecting and panning it adds up.

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