The Worlds Fittest Beach- Venice Beach Bar Warz

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  1. Damn all this shit talking. Sounds like jealousy/defense mechanism out of not being able to do. I'm in-between these weight classes, well actually small if I don't lift. 145 to 158 and go up as I gain Natty style in few months. I choose both. Weights and body weight. I don't do neither one to extreme cause then I miss out being able to perform one or the other if I stay away too long. Lifting is great for these frames/ me cause being short and light, packing mass looks better. But that is an art and well respected. Plus from my experiences, go to a park and pull 400lbs. out your car and grunt and deadlift. Or get on a bar and do this shit? People will glamorize that so called trick gymnastics before some swole idiot low IQ juice head lifting. Being big and strong/powerful doesn't always mean you can win fights. Since we all relate strength to combat. What good is being huge if you can't even catch someone and you gas out? As well as not being agile on the ground. Brutes can fall as these feathers can float away. Fitness is fitness! I respect all forms except powder scooping synthol or roid injecting losers. Cause without it, your body turns to shit.

  2. Who is that indian looking fella. I love this kind of workout .this samba beat is banging . Who is it

  3. Forget creatine. Most of these commenters are gulping Haterade by the gallon.

  4. oh, pot and creatine will kill you? have fun with skin cancer you leathery looking fuck

  5. 150 lbs and a max bench of 325…
    you can be light anf still move weight.
    At 180 1 rep max was 405.
    quit lifting to focus on body weight training.
    dude's comment about creatine is probably regarding store bought stuff, if i had to guess…and in a sense, he isnt entirely wrong. how much do you trust a company to produce something…ANYthing for your own good (unless it is a reputable company)?
    not trying to start an internet fight….just saying. lets not attack lightweight folks and make assumptions.

  6. Creatine will kill you? I bet you would eat a fat steak though, packed full of natural creatine. 

  7. if I lost   weight I could do what these guys do… I work out for strength   I don't care what I look like and what I can do on a pull up bar…I want to be able to rip a mans arms off of his body   not climb up and peek in his window   @ john trollston

  8. i bet none of these guys  weigh over 160 and prob can't bench over 180

  9. Your just fat and lazy and mind is like a body need to be train your jelly your not fit

  10. What does this prove, besides you have a little man complex and NO JOB?

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