Preparing For AI's Impact

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Find out how to gear yourself up for the future, so that you can ride the AI revolution to greater possibilities.

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27 Replies to “Preparing For AI's Impact”

  1. No way ???? return to nature ai sounds good but I fail to see this. children need a world to grow up in not high rises and machines.

  2. AI gives us an opportunity to get to know the real I , Ah Ee, the texture of life within. Thank you Sadhguru

  3. Please make a video on the benefits of "Castor oil", I haven't been able to find any on the channel except for "Three Ways To Keep The Colon Clean | Sadhguru" which doesn't speak of it clearly nor much. Thank you.

  4. No AI will have the NI(natural intelligence) and the wisdom of sadhguru. So he will not worry abt its impact????

  5. Data analytics is used in everything. Scientists always wanted to create a thinking mind to replace/superior to human mind.

    AI exists because of all data input it receives.

    Natural calamities is increasing rapidly, human untimely deaths is creating more wandering spirits. Sadhguru has highlighted/warned about changing sunspots influence on earth in next 5 years. To hasten all changes is worldwide nuclear explosion triggered by AI. AI has no real emotions, compassion nor empathy.

    During COVID 19, people forced to stay indoors became bored and some violent.

    Majority people have too many excessive possessions, deep emotional attachments. Many can't live without gadgets. Deprived of food they can say intermittent fasting. Take away your phone/laptop for just 24hrs what will you feel, say and do. Extend that to 72hrs what will you and I be?

    AI only knows it's programmed to execute instructions.

  6. I bet AI would never be able to tap into super or god consciousness as that ability is only available to a human mind-body-spirit combination

  7. AI is just a tiny thing which is a output of human brain. How would that disturb the whole human life !

  8. Even in these days of the cutting edge technologies,humans are still clueless before the Fury of Nature !

  9. Can an AI really exist? I think it is named like this for a reason. But if we look at this properly we will see there is NO intelligence there, just intellect or pure data. I think we do NOT need artificial intellect, regarding what have we done to this planet with our intellect! If we have used our intelligence instead(feelings included there), this would be a very different world.

  10. My interpretation is that he says in the end that machines and AI will take our current works, freeing us to think and tap in other undiscovered computation much further ahead of our current machines. Until AI taps that too, i think.

  11. The greatest dodger of our time. Dodges sensitive issues like a pro.

  12. How to find conscious expression of the intelligence Sadhguru talked about ? What are the ways ??

  13. This vids are from 2018, now CHATGPT is the beginning of this revolution : )

  14. Guys never forget, AI is evolving but at the same time we humans are too evolving

  15. Hopefully the beautiful planet Earth will exist for eons. Humanity is the disease.

  16. Education system is degrading reason people looks at A.I with fear because we are taught how to memorize instead of how to use knowledge.

  17. "Intellect is just a small part of Human Intelligence!" ????‍♀️????‍♀️????

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