prepping for a solo trip in *24 HOURS* | doing my nails, dyeing my hair, packing + more

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28 Replies to “prepping for a solo trip in *24 HOURS* | doing my nails, dyeing my hair, packing + more”

  1. this video literally felt like 25 minutes of face timing with a friend who is packing for some trip ahahahahaha! love you Hannah!

  2. i didn't even realize you're in your old room till i saw Archie 🥹🫶🏼 i was so nervous for you the whole video 😭😂

  3. i’m a real one!! i’m going on a trip to europe tomorrow!!! and i’m super nervous but ik it will go great. using this as pre-trip relaxation 💗💗

  4. this is motivating me to get out of my comfort zone…. wish I has enough $$ to go for a solo trip but a date with myself will make do for now!!

  5. Notion is the ABSOLUTE best. I got a few templates smashed together for things I wanted to track (reading, daily things, habits, etc) and I love it so much. It's helped my swamp brain.

    I feel like I'm a last minute disaster when I'm traveling because I'll pack right before I leave. 😭😭

  6. I love how your nails turned out!! I buy the white fake nails in the large size, shape them and then use gel polish in whatever color I want lol- it’s a lot of work but I find it really fun and it lasts long and soooo cheap!!

  7. Can we appriciate the fact that the title says 24 hours and the video is 24 minutes.

  8. Hey Hannah, this vlog looks pretty nice! You did a great job! You’re the real one!🙂👍

  9. I always say this but I honestly love your videos, it always makes me feel like I’m busy and going along with you but I’m just chilling in bed 😂🫣 my favourite type of comfort video 🥹

  10. Your nails look so good omg I wish I could do my own nails like that😂

  11. so like did you get pepper spray to take to NYC with you because mine def got confiscated at the airport?

  12. I feel that stress 😂 no matter how early or late I start packing I always forget something! It started to give me anxiety so I started thinking just like you said: it's not the end of the world, whatever I forgot to bring, I can just buy! 😅🙏🏻

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