Everyone will be buying Dollar Store mirrors when they see this idea!

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29 Replies to “Everyone will be buying Dollar Store mirrors when they see this idea!”

  1. I wish you had left a link to purchase the lights on Amazon 🤔
    I love the idea…it turned out beautiful!

  2. Love the first one, but the second one definitely does not look 'high end'

  3. I love that idea with the frames and the mirror and the lights that was awesome

  4. Both of these are winners. Would that thick “rope” take dye? I love the the design but the cream color wouldn’t work well with the area I’d like to hang it.

  5. Wow! Love both of these. Is the rope from Dollar Tree? It looked fatter than theirs. Where is it from? Thickness, length and what size are the wood beads? Oh, and a 14" wire wreath form from DT?

  6. So cute project! What kind of glue gun are you using? Looks like a really good one! Thanks for sharing your project with us! Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Loved the 1st DYI. The second one looked liked my floor mop, thumbs down for that one!

  8. What a cool idea. I have just the outdoor place to put mine. Thanks for your idea.

  9. DEVASTATED!!! They shut down the tiny Dollar store we had in our small town. We really needed the store…and it was in walking distance for most low income people as well.

    Corporations just don't care about consumers or communities under stress any more. 😞

  10. Girl i tried to find the brand on ur box of led lights, but I didn’t see it. Could u PLEASE lmk the brand…I LOVE THOSE…AWESOME! TYSM!

  11. The mirror lights are really cute but why did you need to attach the frame?

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