Scratch Proof Tiles | Orientbell Tiles present #ActuallyScratchFree tiles | Forever Tiles (Kannada)

Tiling your floor is one of those processes that require a lot of spadework and brainstorming. Floor tiling is kind of a permanent upgrade that you give to a space. But what if one day you move a gas cylinder and the tile gets scratched 🙁

Here is where Orientbell brings to you a range that goes by a self-explanatory name, the Forever Tiles. These tiles stay with you forever and won’t disappoint you once laid wherever you deem them fit. These tiles are easy to clean, relatively cost-efficient, and suit almost all flooring spaces.

Not just this, Forever Tiles are now Germ-Free and kill upto 99.9% bacteria upon contact.
Forever tiles come with the assurance that they will last for at least three generations. These are, easily, the most heavy-duty tiles available in the market. A great choice for those who are looking for floor tiles that last forever and look great on the floor.

Orientbell claims that these tiles are completely scratch-free and stay unimpacted even after moving and shifting of furniture and goods. Don’t believe us? See for yourself…

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