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Chef Dan Giusti returns to show us what’s possible in the kitchen with a few trusty potatoes and some culinary dexterity. Watch as Dan prepares a day’s worth of meals, each elevating the humble spud into something unexpectedly delicious. The best part? All 3 dishes come in for under $3 a serving.

Dan Giusti, formerly the head chef of Noma, is the founder of Brigaid, a company that places professional chefs into institutional food spaces like public schools. Brigaid chefs bring their experience, knowledge and technique to institutional kitchens to improve food quality. Similar to how Brigaid works–by bringing professional chefs into institutional spaces to apply their knowledge to new environments– The Smart Cook intends to do the same by bringing Chef Dan’s experience and knowhow into your home with delicious recipes prepared on a budget.

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0:00 Introduction
1:25 Breakfast – Rösti With Caramelized Onions And Sour Cream
7:15 Lunch – Tuna Salad With Roasted Potatoes
12:10 Dinner – Gnocchi With Butternut Squash
19:02 Conclusion

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25 Replies to “Pro Chef Turns Potatoes Into 3 Meals For Under $9 | The Smart Cook | Epicurious”

  1. Thanks for tuning in to check out this episode! Let me know what you think and if you make any of the dishes, please share how they come out!!!!

    Thanks again for watching 🙂

  2. My favourite potato dish is baked potatoes with fried spam, pineapple pieces, cheese, sweet chilli sauce, sour cream and spring onions… Seriously good food.

  3. My two primary heating devices are a hot plate and a microwave.
    When the weather is nice, I use my barbeque. I really prefer that, but if it's rainy or windy, it's not practical.
    I don't have a functioning oven.
    I have a few pounds of potatoes to make, so this is helpful.:)

  4. 5:12 – Very reassuring to see a professional add water to some borderline fond before it goes all carbon*. I often feel like if the stuff on the bottom of the pan starts to go really dark, I've done something wrong. But I've also heard that in professional kitchens, it's common for cooks to have a squeeze bottle full of water either to resurrect a broken sauce or to safe a fond from becoming pure carbon.

    Not to be confused with "al carbón", which can be delicious if it's done right.

  5. The first dish is not a Rösti (Swiss dish) this is a giant Kartoffelpuffer. Non the less it looks very good.

  6. Love it all except baking two potatoes in an oven. My dad would definitely slap me if he sees me one day turning on the oven for two potatoes haha.

  7. The honorable spaghetti psychologically battle because run prospectively flap opposite a stupendous buzzard. male, brawny anteater

  8. Just made the brown butter sage gnocchi and thank you. I basically had every ingredient already except the sage and squash but this turned out so good!!

  9. This dude is awesome. Watched so many of these videos now. Just basic cooking advice you pick up from having him narrate his process in a simple way is really giving me some great tips on how to be a better cook. I'm not traditionally trained but people love my food and this is all just a level up for me to watch his videos.

  10. We need more of these videos. I truly enjoy learning how to make delicious home cooked meals that don’t break the bank.

  11. Now that's a sad looking Rösti. Everyone in Switzerland is going to cry over it. Way too fine. Rösti is not like a pancake from potatoes – you see the strings and there's air in-between which makes them light and not dense.

  12. What? No knuckle blood!? It adds extra flavor, protein, and colour! (Jk)

  13. Someone in another video comment section mentioned Dan looks like Tony Danza. I’m thinking Lee Asher (Asher House).

  14. Chef Giusti, I know you are busy, but your own YouTube channel would be a hit (and greatly appreciated).

  15. So glad y'all are still making vids with Dan, he is a gem and these videos are a goldmine of cheap, healthy, and delicious eating.

  16. it terrifies me seeing you manhandling a sieve like that….I've had so many where the mesh is yanked out of the mounting ring. that one does look more substantial, though.

  17. The dishes look great, but how is gnocchi and squash a complete dinner? where is the protein?

  18. "Pro" Chef is a misnomer, getting paid to make videos makes you a "Pro".
    However having a Restaurant that relies on food that sells, YOUR cooking is actually much more at stake… could you sell any of these to make enough money for YOU let alone the Staff to make even $50.00 each for a days work?…that's why "Chefs" LOVE YouTube.. NOBODY actually picks their item off of the Menu and pays for it.. EVERY YouTube Chef bites in and tells you it's great…. EVERYBODY.

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