JAW DROPPING vintage furniture restoration – Art Deco vanity to night tables

Water stains, oil stains, and flaking, oh my! I bought these pretty rough vintage “night tables” from FB marketplace. But these are actually the two pedestals of a vanity that was disassembled at one point. There are a ton of finish issues; there’s no denying this needs a full refinish.

I needed to fully strip these, patch some veneer, get rid of the water stains, stain, tone, seal, and polish. But nearly a week later, these are UNBELIEVABLE!

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29 Replies to “JAW DROPPING vintage furniture restoration – Art Deco vanity to night tables”

  1. Those are absolutely beautiful! They look like what they were originally supposed to look like. I am always amazed at your transformations, especially when you patch a spot and it's seamless. Well done, You! Are you gonna keep them?

  2. These are just stunning!! I love the contrast and the fact that you kept them as true to their old design as possible…I would be proud to display them in my home!! ????????

  3. These are really amazing. I have no problem taking apart a vanity to get these beauties. Vanity's are hit or miss her too, if done right and you have the space they are great but you are right we need more nightstand in this era. I love seeing the wood grain. Im not a paint fan, but I really like your work. these were beautiful.

  4. Stunning! You are right it is definitely a labour of love, the end result is absolutely worth it though. I actually enjoy the process, it is quiet. alone time, even when the sander is roaring.

  5. Absolutely amazing! I wish you could have seen the smile bloom on my face when your reveal started. You did the wood justice. Thank you.

  6. These turned out so beautiful Angie! Your talent for refinishing the pieces that look the worst never ceases to amaze me! ????????

  7. Honestly, your work brings tears to my eyes! These are stunning. I have an old waterfall vanity that I have wanted to make into side
    tables but didn't have any direction… so here we go, another ginormous THANK YOU for this marvelous teaching video ????

  8. These are stunning. I love the contrast of the original stains. So glad you kept the style the same.

  9. Original finish is always my preference, enjoy creative style when original is not possible

  10. Beautiful! No reason to try to modernize a piece that is obviously from a particular decade. Btw, love your polydactyl assistant!

  11. Did the stain end up coming out of the inside of the one drawer or did you need to replace the bottom? Also would wood soap help break up and oil stain so it doesn't fish eye?

  12. Absolutely loved that you kept very close to the original!! Love this work. The work you did with the patch is amazing! Can hardly tell! Xxoo

  13. Angie, I’m not a cat person, but I’m in love❤❤ with Nacho! He’s so cute. The vanity / nightstands came out gorgeous. As always fantastic job. Tell Nacho, the new Vanna White model he did a great job also.

  14. So handsome! Those would be great for a man's room – even in a "man cave" as side tables. Beautiful!

  15. They are breathtakingly????????????beautiful! Where can I buy them? In my dreams…????????????

  16. Your work is astounding! You obviously have the gift of patience as the fine details would have put many over the edge. Well done! Again!

  17. Thanks for walking through the analysis of the piece (condition, type of damage, type of wood/veneer).

  18. I can imagine how absolutely beautiful the original vanity must have been. This project is stunning. ❤

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