The Superwoman | Tanishq

Meet the superwoman! She can do just about everything and crush it everywhere, all at once- and she has an important reminder for us ✨

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  1. Till she said shes's a human too, I was feeling frustrated how she was shown as this ideal and perfect woman who goes through life effortlessly balancing everything. It is so much more complex and difficult than that! Especially coming from Tanishq, which always puts out the most beautiful and touching ads. And then the ad turned around- so real. So real. ❤

  2. What a beautiful message… this add is one of the best I’ve seen in a long long long time ????????????????

  3. Brilliant storyline… .has very well depicted the expectations of the society from the women

  4. Well narrated and beautifully directed… Need not say more.

  5. Brilliant!! And so needed.. women, more often that not, are like ducks- calm on the surface and paddling furiously beneath the surface of the water to keep things in control – multitasking with all that’s in them. This is such a simple yet ESSENTIAL message.. for us too as women to not be so hard on ourselves.. bravo team Tanishq.. love this…

  6. Smriti Kalra is all hearts ❤. So beautiful and graceful she is. It’s high time that we stop glamorizing “the perfect woman”

  7. What a beautiful thought! The advertisement is one of the best ever made! So, so happy somebody had this thoughtful idea ????

  8. And where are the male folks placed in the daily chores ?…why do you want to portray women with 10 arms and let the men have only two and seem useless. Please stop this super human potrayal. Women are just as human as men are. Please understand.

  9. Congratulations to all involved for putting across this brilliant idea and so subtly . Loved it.

  10. It's very well made and leaves the viewer thinking a lot about the narrative even after the film ends. Great job to everyone involved in this film ????

  11. Beautifully constructed narrative! Couldn’t agree more regarding the “super” tag

  12. Fantastic Kopal,this is a great one,keep surging higher and higher.perfect advertisement.

  13. Beautiful and real….loving this change ❤️ gets us woman to enjoy all aspects of life without feeling guilty.

  14. Absolutely brilliant and such- an honest & real narrative behind expectation vs compliment.

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