Quarantine Van Build: Part 7! 52" Hidden Projector! – Off Grid Tiny Home! #shorts

Part 7! This is a preview of our van build, full build videos coming soon! Subscribe for more #vanlife builds and adventures!

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While we’re laying low from international travel this year, we’re converting our 2015 RAM Promaster 3500 159″ wheelbase van into a tiny home! We’re including a full size shower, sectional seating that turns into a full size bed while being able to be fully off grid with solar power. Follow along for the journey!

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24 Replies to “Quarantine Van Build: Part 7! 52" Hidden Projector! – Off Grid Tiny Home! #shorts”

  1. Hi how did you get your projector to play the photo the right way with it upside down. Have just bought the same projector but can’t figure out how to flip the screen on the wall.

  2. You guys are really milking this, arent you? I cant blame you tho, its a very nice build.

  3. Is it just me or do you hate these kinda rich ass people who do this to be trendy and cool but also have a 2000 square foot home or loft and tons of money in the bank so they just decide to blow 30k on a brand new Mercedes sprinter van and get into van life, while never intending to live in it in the slightest. Makes me upset to my stomache. Go build tiny homes for homeless people, why don’t you make THAT trendy?!

  4. Pretty bad projector lol, and very bad placement mega lol. I will not stay like 90 minutes on a bench looking at this. Andddd Y have to seat the 2 on same side…. Lol. I don't you ask profissional?

  5. Hmm …
    I think you need a bigger battery that blue battery looks not so big enough for a house on wheels

  6. WOW! EVERYTHING inc artistic design, video skills and on just super. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!

  7. I am so adoring the way you guys did the video & this build Me & my husband can't wait too get ours done 📹 I can appreciate the work that went into the video editing that you guys put into this..I'm like 🤔 ❓ Wowwww 🥰😍

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