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Jordan Fabrics is a team of 18 people, including Matt, Donna, and their son James Jordan. We film, edit, cut, and sew everything you see right here in our Oregon workshop. Matt spends most of the day making very unique hand cut quilting kits, If you love sewing and quilting, but don’t love the cutting, our fully pre-cut quilt and table runner kits are made for you! Visit jordanfabrics.com to view our full inventory and learn more about our kits, fabrics and pre-cuts.

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  1. I love that big block it looks so tricky but you always make the blocks look super easy. Thanks for another great tutorial ❤️

  2. I always enjoy the videos that Donna puts out but this one really shines. Thanks for another easy idea!

  3. Thanks Donna. I always look forward to your videos you are always so clear and concise. And now that I’m 68 years old I really need to pay attention to my teacher. God bless❤

  4. Love the colours – nice to see the background not just a plain colour too. Very nicely done Donna.

  5. Dear Donna, I love watching your tutorials and learned so much from the way you explain every step.

  6. Wow, fabric choices make a striking quilt. You have chosen two of my favourite colour choices, always love turquoise and lavender. Well done, i really like the big pieces. Hugs to all,Chel ????

  7. Beautiful batiks!! Love the colors, and I always enjoy the different patterns you show for jelly rolls! Thank you for video!!

  8. Dear Donna, thank you for this great video. This quilt is absolutely fantastic because of the few colors you have chosen. I also think it's great that you have many options for fabric sizes for this quilt. Thank you and all the best. Greetings from Sweden.

  9. Made this with a jellyroll and it was very busy and I wasn't overly impressed with the pattern. But after seeing it in the 8 fabrics and the pinwheel pattern that stood out, I'm excited about trying it again. Thank you.

  10. I have a collection of Vintage Irons for Decor in my sewing room..some of them are so very heavy, as they needed to be back then…I use them, on the end of my ruler, as a weight, and they work very well!

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