Quick Roller Set HACK for Natural Hair | Never Struggle Again! Beginner Friendly

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Never struggle again with my QUICK Roller set hack for natural hair! This can be used for flexi rod sets, perm rod sets, hard roller sets, and works beautifully on relaxed hair as well! I hope it helps! XO!

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25 Replies to “Quick Roller Set HACK for Natural Hair | Never Struggle Again! Beginner Friendly”

  1. You made this style seem so easy to do. I struggle curling the rods the correct way.

  2. Are you still using henna to colour your hair. Video on Greys would be dope.

  3. Hey Whitney! I'm interested in the hoodie and cap! Could you upload a video or short showing you styling with both of them!

  4. I love your hair and company products. Your curls are always perfectly beautiful.❤
    This came just in time as I was about to use my flexy rods.
    This should help for tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.????????

  5. Are you kidding me?!!!! I've wasted so much time, and I have so many flexi rods!!! Thanks to you, Naptural85 , I can save time and give away more than half of my flexi rods!!! You are truly a hair genius!!!

  6. I love your current time efficient vibe. Finally a realistic approach to time and being Natural! Thanks!

  7. This is AMAZING! I haven’t done a roller set in ages due to the discomfort. this is just so smart and looks 1,000 times more comfortable.

    The only sad part is, every time Whitney does something amazing the other YouTubers copy it and act like they were always doing this. Even the flexi rod company itself is gonna start putting this method in their instructions. Whitney I wish there was a way to pay you for every genius thing you do cuz this is genius

  8. Your quick tip videos have literally saved my hair journey. I still do the "winter wash n go method"???? this did not disappoint. Might give flexi rods another try. Have you tried this on blown out hair?

  9. So cute! I did this hack 4 years ago with perm rods.. best perm rod set ever ❤

  10. This is a great hack! Even doing it without the elastics it's a time saver. tysvm????

  11. Black businesses supporting one another! I saw her pull put the Doux and I ran to the comment section. I am in ❤ with Naptural85 all over again????

  12. I just told my mom today that I miss roller sets. going to have to do this. It’s a sign! ????❤

  13. I hated doing flexi-rod curls, but this I can do. Thank you for sharing this quick roller set.

  14. Thanks Whitney! I was struggling with my flexi rods so I'm' gonna use these tips.

  15. You go girl. You still have the most beautiful healthy hair I have ever seen. Just gorgeous. And congratulations on all your success.

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