22 Replies to “The MOST controversial moments EVER at the Met Gala #metgala #scandal #luxury #fashion”

  1. I've seen that still going around for years. Who was the person falling down the stairs in the very beginning? Does anyone know?

  2. In my country, ladies would not be smoking cigarettes so shamelessly and publically

  3. Idk why people cannot see selena's victim mentality is toxic. I dont support hailey nor bella but selena is that pick me girl in high school who thinks people will root for her because she didint come from old money. No, selena, you are not nepo baby but u are not decent person either.

  4. Só u mean a semi P*rn stars with 5 ex husbands destroying original marlin Monroe dress is not controversial enough.
    Or u are just too afraid to talk about the bad witches ????????
    And we talk about freedom of speak ????

  5. lol, bella hadid is fine, i mean it's selena gomez & SHE IS BELLA HADID

  6. The bathroom smoking is only weird to me because they’re sitting on the floor, which is disgusting ???? maybe they were drunk?

  7. did anyone also call out the fact that there was a recording camera in the women’s RESTROOM???? ????

  8. Recovering addict – great idea to go to an event where theres people drinking.

  9. The smoking was badass tho idk why people were made about that????

  10. I think in Demi's case it was the stylist's fault. He should've let them both know that they were gonna be together at the event. Knowing Nicki is a shady person (not in a bad way, but it is what it is) I totally understand Demi.

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