Quit THIS To Be MORE Attractive

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13 Replies to “Quit THIS To Be MORE Attractive”

  1. Jose the site isn’t working when I checkout it keeps saying my transaction processed failed when I got all my card info correct and have an acc??

  2. You're helping my life bro. I've come to my senses that I should quit smoking after just a week of being consistent with your content.
    I've been a subscriber since 3 years ago but never been this consistent.
    I now feel good after quitting for just days not even up to a week yet, I really wish not to go back.

  3. 1. Sleeping late
    2. Shaving off all the body hair
    3. Vaping
    4. Being too happy/giddy
    5. Being the nice guy
    6. You're hunching over

  4. Had to unsubscribe for the constant 2 minute product placement in every videos.

  5. Jose please stop lying about the ‘free gifts’ value on manscaped. They’re literally almost always promo’d so you can slap a value on them when people don’t buy them for that value. It’s marketing that we should be eradicating

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