Ragu bolognese with pappardelle pasta – Mary Berry Everyday: Episode 2 Preview – BBC Two

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17 Replies to “Ragu bolognese with pappardelle pasta – Mary Berry Everyday: Episode 2 Preview – BBC Two”

  1. Just made this last night for family. It was amazing & so easy to make. All clean plates ? ?

  2. I'm a sicilian and I do like miss Berry but no garlic
    ?? She can get shot for that also the way English people make their pasta dishes with dry ass pasta all stuck together and sauce slapped on top no no no
    And the cream is a no no also . Is fine if you make the lassangga but not the ragu but I will forgive her cos she is amazing

  3. I wasn't understanding why anyone was complaining all that much until the cream, a spin is one one thing but why fix something that isnt broken!

  4. So if Mary served this to her haters, they would turn it down? Yeah, didn’t think so….adding dairy is very close to classic Ragu. Looks delicious ??

  5. I am Italian and I think her twist on the ragù Is fine..ive seen worse…hers Is very simalar to the original…would be tasty. Well done

  6. I actually followed this recipe exactly like she did and it’s amazing. Love the cream and white wine in it than the red for sure.

  7. Love the idea of changing red wine to white and it honestly tastes so much better especially when your not a wine drinker thanks Mary ?

  8. So English to chuck double cream in our food ? I prefer not to but I will try the recipe as is and without

  9. why is everyone so shocked,the traditional italian recipe uses white wine and normally milk or cream

  10. Mary love watching u in the USA YOUR cooking program makes me so happy love the big spoons you use to cook with where do u find them do you sell them. Thank you for keeping your cooking shows alive

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