Rare 1970 Porsche 914/6 GT | Jay Leno's Garage

Being only one of sixteen, Randy Pobst extolls the virtues of this 914/6 GT and tells Jay that he passed a GT2 RS at Laguna Seca.

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28 Replies to “Rare 1970 Porsche 914/6 GT | Jay Leno's Garage”

  1. I owned a 1970 914 back in the late 1970’s. And loved it. Only problem was the a fuse that kept shorting out, keeping it from starting. For the Hell of it, I tried wrapping it in aluminum foil and it solved the problem. Ok, I’m not an expert but what the Hell. The car had great handling and enough power to challenge some cars on the freeway. Along the way, I bolted a Porsche to the hood. the LOVED that 914 but had bought it second hand from a guy in Brooklyn and with the heavy salt spread in winters, the suspension rotted out.

  2. Terrific episode. What a great car, and driver to talk about it and show how to drive it. Well done Jay.

  3. The only person that I have ever known that owned a 914 was my Second Grade teacher, and she was the definition of dowdy.

  4. If you look up in the parts books for the 356 Porsche and air cleaners we not listed as air cleaners. They were listed as mufflers. Run the engine without them on the carbs you know why they call them mufflers.

  5. The 914 2.0l was amazingly quick. It would wear out the valve guides because of the high ratio valve rockers. (4 cylinder)

  6. Years ago I was approached by the owner of a 914-6. He wanted a tune and valve adjustment. Adjusting the valves was a difficult chore. The engine bay was not really large enough for me to appreciate. Had to go up and down between each adjustment. Tight quarters to work in.The car had been raced. He got the car in Europe. I had a school buddy that was always seeing me working on the side at my house on something and he once told me he would like me to to come by sometime and give him a ride so when I was done with this one I went and picked him up. In Sacramento and took him to 65th street expressway. As soon as I got onto the expressway I stood on it hard and when we came to the point to turn around he asked me to go slower. Gave him a bit of a scare. Fun car.

  7. I was passing through Colorado Springs on vacation the week of the hillclimb this year. I had just days before been watching some of Randy's videos on last year's climb. My daughter and I were having breakfast at Bon Ton's Cafe, and in walks this guy wearing all kinds of Porsche clothing. I did a double take and said to my daughter – "I think Randy Pobst just walked in." Of course she said who the heck is that? But it was kind of the highlight of my vacation. Randy and Jay, two of the most awesome car guys ever.

  8. excellent , I only had the 1972 914 in 72 but absolutely loved the way the mid engine drove coming from a 70 MGB that floated thru corners instead of point and shoot with the 914 . A friend from Canada was visiting us and let me drive his and after that I had to have one . Red with the wheels like tis one . Of course I had all the same issues with mine . The failure of the short braded hose from the fuel loop ( heat in the engine compartment ) to the injectors and the transmission synchro fails but loved the way it handled with the Pirelli's

  9. I have always have loved the 914's. I thought the design was very modern using the principles of the "Bauhaus" school of design. It did not look like the sports cars of the period and I really liked that. They handled terrific and had a great solid build quality feel although some of the plastics had that cheap VW feel. The shift linkage and feel was pretty awful. Even with that base 4 cylinder engine you thought you were going a lot faster than you actually were being so low to the ground. I also liked the fact that a lot of VW go fast engine parts were cheap and easily available. They should have all come with fender flares!

    Being in such a low slung vehicle made me a bit nervous sharing the highways with those 18 wheelers. My logic also said that I needed another 4 seater sports sedan so as not to leave my friends and family standing at the curb. I have always had my eye out to add one of these to my fun car fleet. Too bad that the prices have started climbing now that folks have realized how enjoyable these cars actually are.

  10. My father a Porsche mechanic among other cars advised me not to buy a 914/6 way back when 3500.00 1991 his reason was battery placement and the rot in the floor pan. Thanks Dad…Uncle Bud put a 956 in a bug and ran it at Daytona what a history.

  11. Great video, since Jay is not wearing the harness, I have to assume he has a lap belt on.

  12. I'm getting tired of Jay not listening to the people he has on. Randy: "This car was the first one ordered, but the last delivered.." Jay: "I remember when I was a kid…" Randy brought it up twice and Jay ignored him twice. I don't know about you, but I'm sorta interested in why, if it was the first one ordered, it was the last delivered. (I guess he did manage to sneak it in, that the guy wanted some extra stuff done, but we didn't get to hear what that stuff was.
    At least Jay didn't bring up Ford and their 'Monte Carlo bar' when he saw the bar across the shock towers….

  13. Bartending at 18 years old. A simpler world I wish I could experience.

    This guy is among the better guests, and this episode is among the best as well.

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