Sinead O'Connor on Miley Cyrus, Infamous SNL Appearance

Singer Sinead O’Connor sits down with WSJ’s Barbara Chai to discuss Miley Cyrus and human rights advocacy.

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29 Replies to “Sinead O'Connor on Miley Cyrus, Infamous SNL Appearance”

  1. So she converts to a religion who is known to treat their women as second ckass citizens…..she's never made sense

  2. I was watching SNL when she did that. I watched as the audience fell silent and then the show cut to break. I was a bit perplexed because “at the time” she didn’t elaborate enough about what her beef was with the Catholic Church. We knew a little about clergy abuse, but nowhere near like we have heard over the past twenty years. Her appearance on SNL was in 1992, it wasn’t until ten years later that we started to really hear about the Catholic Clergy Abuse that had gone on in Ireland. Both Pierce Brosnan and Gabriel Byrne were educated by The Christian Brothers, Catholic sect, and they both had very very bad experiences. But she obviously has been deeply effected by the church, that to this day she is still hurting from it. I hope she can eventually heal from the harm that was done to her. May her senior years be filled with the peace that has alluded her all these years.

  3. WOW! There are a lot of men in here really 😠 about a woman speaking out against horrendous abuses against children by monsters in positions of power. Only makes me love her and respect her courage even more. Jesus called out the Roman Empire, so did she. Peace be with you Sinead O'Conner

  4. Miley Cyrus is a chump. Can't stand that girl and if she disappeared into a cave forever I'd be more than okay. That being said, Sinead is absolutely correct in everything she said. I'll leave it there.

  5. She was RIGHT!!! It is the finest blades that are most easily blunted, bent, or broken. And thank you for your initial real courage Sinead. Informing the world of factual abuse and atrocities, way before we were prepared to hear it, so forcefully. As an abused child, this warrior refused to roll a blind eye. "Through their own words, they will be exposed!" The truth was more important than career!! STRENGTH & COURAGE! And mental illness doesn't mean someone is "crazy or a loonie." Blessings to all! 🥰

  6. notice at the very end she mentions britney… seven years ago… AGAIN this woman knows more than we do.

  7. Miley is a lousy person. Maybe she will grow up and out of it, but probably not. To use mental health as a trump card to win a disagreement, especially when Sinead was trying to help her, was despicable.

  8. I only just REALLY discovered Sinead and her art and I'm madly in love. She's my new favorite person guys

  9. She is so freaking tired and pretentious. SNL absolutely nailed her with the Sinead O'Connor Awards sketch, and that was months before she did the picture tearing thing. The sketch and Jan Hooks' great impression just showed her as the overbearing, disturbed soul that she is. She's a tortured artist who doesn't understand that people want entertainment in their lives, not whining, moaning, bitching, complaining and preaching. Sinead continues to be totally disingenuous here. She was abused by her PARENTS, but when this question comes up she tries to connect her abuse with the Catholic church, a total falsehood. I do feel sorry for her but she needs therapy, not to spread her anger and depression around the whole world. Also kudos to Madonna and Joe Pesci for speaking out against her SNL stunt at the time. And of course Sinead wouldn't address it here, but she preached to Miley about being too sexy in her videos, saying she was prostituting herself. Just the classic backwards feminist puritanism where women try to shame other women about how they choose to express their sexuality. And nevermind what she did more recently, saying white people and non-Muslims are "disgusting." Sinead is a SICK, sad, self-loathing individual intent on spreading her misery around the world.

  10. lets remember they did all this to Mariah way before Britney… its funny how people don't bring that up.. not only the media, but her ex husband sabotaged her career constantly…

  11. I agree. I misjudged her. Her 1992 album was really good. I just listened to it. I was shocked, I can definitely now see why she was really popular in the 90s. And still on TV after that SNL appearance.

  12. Billy Ray doesn't have the love, good sense or moral courage to keep his filthy little Hannah Montana child actor in line and O'Connor was right to speak to the issue. I support O'Connor 100%.

  13. Gracias a Sinéad O"connor muchos abrimos los ojos ante las abominables prácticas católicas que hoy día el Vaticano las trata con guantes blancos.

  14. I was 34 when I saw Sinead rip up the picture of the pope on Saturday night live. I thought it was great.
    I’m a 62 -year-old male and Sinead O’Connor is still my hero.

  15. Never really been a a fan of Sinead, not that I've had anything against her………But WOW, she's gone well up in my estimation. Well done Sinead for saying it as it truly is.

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