Real Princess Shoes | Making At Home With 3D Pen

Sue’s late for the ball! And there is one small problem, she lost her wonderful shoe… Sammy decided to help her and make the missing magical shoe! They will do this using modern 3D technologies and an ordinary shoe. It will become the base for a masterpiece!

So, we’ll need an ordinary Sue’s shoe, tape, and a 3D pen. First, we cover the shoe with tape, and then use a 3D pen to create the base of a new shoe. This is a slow process, guys, be patient and be careful using the 3D pen or ask an adult to help you. When the base is ready, cut the plastic shoe a bit. This is necessary to get the real shoe out of the shell. Don’t worry, we’ll fix it later with the 3D pen!

To make the shoes look magical, we cover them with blue shiny nail polish and sequins. Decorate the shoes with glittery butterflies! Now everything looks great, as if they are the shoes of a real princess!

Now Sue can put on her incredible dress, accessories, new shoes and go to the ball in this amazing outfit!

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