28 Replies to “Remote Off Grid Cabin DEEP dive part 2”

  1. Nice job. Looks like someone shops at Menards for stain.. I know all about stained hands…

  2. Now Dave knows why we use a roller with a 1 or 2 " nap and just glide on through it in no time.. or use our commercial sprayer…????

  3. Truly enjoy your videos Dave! Been too long, please make more content! Your videos are so relaxing lol. You should start doing "books on tape" or something like that.

  4. Love watching your videos no matter what you are working on. Always great information!!

  5. I use to lollygag when I was younger, but now I seem to dilly dally.

  6. Hi Dave, I used to go to Lake Huron from age 0 thur 18. Right outside of Bruce Mines Ontario. I’m 43 now and miss it more than ever. Your videos have really lit a fire in me. I do believe that I’ll be headed back soon so thank you sir!!

  7. Great video Dave,Bob ross ???????? I had to laugh at that..I actually do my fence panels with a paint pad now as it just does twice the amount of coverage in 1,give it a whirl.

  8. A good 3 inch stain brush from shwerwin williams would help a ton! You can even put it on a broom pole.

  9. if you had mineral spirits there, you could have diluted the stain, no?

  10. I bought one of those cheap stain sprayers before it was complete garbage they should should not even be allowed to sell them they are a complete waste of money they dont work at all cheers!

  11. Hey Dave thank you for the video I enjoyed it and thank you for the information about the mental pump sprayer and I was just wondering if you think a electric spray gun would work too and hope you guys been well you and your whole family and I hope Brooke had a nice happy mother's Day

  12. Amazon had a few different versions of an airless power sprayer similar to say the well-known Wagner Power Painter. For less than $40 it makes jobs like that a breeze and since you have the genny you have all you need. Looks great though, thumbs up!

  13. Hey Dave ! Loved the video , I like all of yours and Brookes stuff. You guys are an awesome couple you were made for each other. Just a quick friendly tip from years of experience , if you'd have used a thick knap roller it would have covered that wall better in less than half of the time it took you to brush it. Stay Radical !

  14. Pump sprayers have always been my bugaboo!
    Football sized rollers are my friend. Lol. ????

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