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New series starts this Saturday!

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19 Replies to “SNEAK PEEK | My Next Project”

  1. New episodes start this Saturday at 5pm EST. Share this with anyone you know who is DIYing their project. Hope you enjoy the series! Cheers

  2. I love (not really) how I have to be a GC nowadays to have a home. Dont get me wrong, I love having the knowledge, but reno'ing an overpriced hunk of crap house is the only way it's even remotely affordable these days. Not happy.

  3. From a quarter-million-dollar church to this. Jeff really has something for everyone.

  4. The thing about mobile homes is you still have to pay rent even after you own it outright. Or you could put one in the country, I guess.

  5. All in at $20k, you have my attention. I found your channel in order to finish the laundry room that I just spent $20k on that a contractor didn't finish.

  6. This is going to be great for us mobile home residents/owners!! I've waited for this since I found your channel. How long ago was that? ???? Anyway, I can't wait for this series to start!! Thank you, Jeff! ????

  7. Just shared with my buddy, we've been waiting for this series to start. Can't wait.

  8. Mannn does this look familiar (the construction of a modular). Excited for this series. I’m sure you have tons of the older folks that live in the park stopping by to ask what you’re up to and if you’ll come by there place to check out something they want done lol

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