Replace damaged diaphragm Causing Leaking Sprinkler Head and Valve If you have a leaking sprinkler head, then it could be the valve.
0:09 Check your water meter, it is usually out by the street.

0:12 Stare at the small triangle dial at the center of the gauge. If it is moving, then there is a leak somewhere.

0:40 Confirming there is a leaking sprinkler head. Check the closest head to the valve and/or the lowest one for that zone.

1:25 Open up irrigation valve box and listen for any water leaking thru the valve. Also, you can touch the valves and feel which one is leaking.

1:44 Shut off water supply at back flow.

2:00 Unscrew the top end of the valve

2:15 Pull the top section off. Careful to make sure none of the parts get lost.

2:18 Check the diaphragm for any obvious damage.

2:34 Flush out any debris that might be in the valve.

3:22 Replace damaged diaphragm with a new one. Make sure you put the spring back in. Almost all valves have a spring inside. Reassemble valve.

4:06 Turn the water back on. Listen for the water leaking thru the valve.

4:40 Double check for any leaks by staring at the water meter.

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6 Replies to “Replace damaged diaphragm Causing Leaking Sprinkler Head and Valve”

  1. Wow thanks for that great video I never realized you could check the water meter for small leaks like that I usually just turn off the valve manually and check the emitters until it finally stops leaking which can take a while to see if it's closed completely. I was actually searching this video because I want to know if you can tell when a diaphragm is bad just by holding it in your hand if it sticks in the open or sticks closed position or if it's still pliable like a new one and always snaps back let me know if you need a clarification. TIA

  2. I have a leaking orbit impact sprinkler. When I turn off the main it stops when I turn the main on but the stations are off it leaks.

  3. My sprinklers are showing the same leak yours were toward the beginning of the video, however mine only happens when the zone is activated (either manually by turning the solenoid or electronically via the control box). Could this still be a diaphragm issue? I already swapped out the solenoid and that didn’t fix the problem.

  4. I need ur help again: Zone1 heads pop up/seeps water for few secs, whenever I start any other zone. What do you think?

  5. My setup is well pump, not city. Replaced the diaphram, valve seems to work fine manually & automatically (timer controls). Sadly my low point head still dribbling after zone shuts off (about 5 min worth). Any ideas how to fix my low head drainage issue? Hunter PGP rotary head.

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