Retired & Living Tiny – Shuttle Bus Conversion Tour

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These two went to Europe and quickly realized that following the social American way of life was not in their future. Since then, they’ve been living full-time in a self-converted 2005 Ford E350 Shuttle bus. Eric and Robbyn share many storage hacks and authentic tiny living perspectives.

Their home has a cool layout with semi-separate living spaces, an abundance of natural light through the original windows, and unique decor. There’s a beautiful glass door for the entryway and fun additions throughout the build. They have an extra vehicle for more mobility once parked and a DIY trailer they pull for excess storage. What a fun conversion for two that wasn’t ready to settle for the norm!


Shot by: @theoffgridskoolie
Edited by: @sagetraveling

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16 Replies to “Retired & Living Tiny – Shuttle Bus Conversion Tour”

  1. 👍 great video. Was great that it addressed some of my concerns about beginning bus life. Right now Eric & Robyn are at my place building out my bus. Eric is AWESOME ! CARPENTER ! Originally we discussed building out my galley. I figured I could rough out the majority of the build and didn’t need perfect. But I didn’t want my cabinets and counter tops to look “cobbled “ together so I reached out to them. Eric has jumped right in to the whole bus build (though he said preferred smaller projects) and is a blessing of information and decision help. Robyn has become a wonderful friend who is a joy to be around and she and my brother are having cooking contests. Happy crew 👍🏻😁
    As Wanderboom he is posting videos of my big bus build so pop over to their channel and check it out. I’m looking forward to beginning my nomad adventure. But absolutely best of all is knowing I have the excellent enjoyable friendship of Robyn & Eric out there, no matter if we’re traveling together or not. A meet up in the desert is definitely in the future. If they are any indication of the caliber and quality of people you’re going to meet out there ….. I agree with Robyn ….. “Let’s go !” 👍🏻😁❤️

  2. I think the side mount solar panels is brilliant. Doubles as a shade and if you did both sides you can triple what would only be on the roof.

  3. Can I ask what you do for income now that you are not working your day to day job? I love this idea but am curious how you pay for your everyday needs like food?

  4. Love your bus and think you are smart to "seize the day" and live life now. I about worked myself to death–very stressful management position–for ten years, before I took early retirement on my 60th birthday. I make a fraction of what I would have earned if I had worked 4 more years, but who's to say you'll have them? Also as I hope to live to ancient, like most of my relatives, I'll get that money back and then some over the years. Your philosophy on life is also mine. Well met.

  5. I’ve never seen the solar panels mounted like that on the side of the vehicle. A+ creativity when faced with the desire to keep the existing storage space on the roof. They do face a greater risk of either vandalism to the panels or damage from road debris, so it’s a trade-off which I’m sure they must have evaluated.

  6. I've been wanting to do this for years my problem is I can't afford to get a rig but I'm determined to get one. Thank you for sharing your opinion and tour.🙏❤️

  7. Yay. I’ve watched them for years. They have helped so many. I hope to meet you in my travels 😀

  8. I've been following Wander Boom for years and very much enjoy their videos. Glad you shared their story.

  9. What’s the long term plans … like when you’re 10, 20 years older ? When you physically can’t live in that ?
    We traveled for a few years in a class C. Loved it. We miss it, but we bought some cheap land and my husband has built our house. No mortgage … we pay as we go. So, that is also very freeing. The thing with traveling in a motor home, is you most always have to pay to park it somewhere.
    But I do love the traveling lifestyle. We plan on traveling again when my husband retires in a few years.

  10. What a wonderful job you have done. Congrats. It was so sweet to see her getting emotional while talking about finding their best way of living. I'm happy you find your way.

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