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  1. Gabe doesn't need friends. He's fueled by mean comments and the money he makes off them. Pika choo choo is a monster.

  2. The design needs an internal skeletal structure to help with the sheering force generated when compound pressures build in the "drop in" process, on the base plate king pin socket. Also the ribs supporting the hangers to the pivot cup. These mods will greatly increase the life expectancy of the resin..
    Side note. These same problem will shift to the bushing areas, making them the weak point.. maybe a screen like mesh as a "rebar" to help there.. but now you've lost all the transparency.. oof

  3. You guys should get a cheap keyboard and put some batteries in it slap some trucks wheels . Piano manual !

  4. Next you make it we skate it should be Aaron Kyro on a skateboard made out of copies of Dianetics

  5. so literally if something can be done about them not breaking when doing a drop in, i think they are some pretty solid trucks

  6. Perhaps add a metal plate to the underside of where the bolt broke. More surface area = more strength

  7. Hey Braille Dudes,
    I am guessing the force of the truck pinched against the coping is what snapped that kingpin out of the baseplate. If you are able to get more, just scoot the truck 1-2 inches away from the coping and that should help out. Take it easy.

  8. They used to make slipping axle trucks in the early 90’s called Tracker Free Floaters. Very short lived.

  9. You guys should of mount the broken truck in a metal plate from an other truck and kept skating it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. I don’t think Chris mc nugget will brake it but I do think Chris will brake lol 😂

  11. I wonder how tough Acrylic trucks would be. I never saw JD's hair before the Straight Jacket video either. Likes are Free, People!

  12. Are they lighter than normal trucks since they are resin? I'm curious about the weight.

  13. You guys should see if those hangers will fit on any other baseplates and keep skating them

  14. It’s crazy the potential skateboards has for customs and creations, i’m so impressed by the community!

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