Salmon Rice Soup

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Southeast Asian Salmon Soup

This salmon soup is full of flavors commonly used across Southeast Asia, like lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal, bird’s eye chile, and fish sauce. The recipe calls for salmon heads and bones, which are usually very cheap at the grocery store and add so much flavor to the broth (you can pick off the meat when the soup is done cooking!). Galangal and lime leaves can be tricky to find, but they really make a difference in elevating the flavor so seek them out if you can!

Recipe on [ search ‘salmon and rice soup’ ]

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  1. You don’t use homemade broth ever in your videos. Stop acting like you do.

  2. Hi,
    Looks delicious.
    I'm curious as to why the heads were used? Is it more flavorful ?

  3. There are no American recipes without chicken broth, vegetable broth etc . What the hell…where does this habit come from?

  4. The eyes made me sad. I would’ve had a whole emotional crisis if I made this lol. Like apologizing to the fish every time I open the lid. I’m weak. I’ll stick to my precut salmon portions. Hmm.. or maybe ask my fiancé to make this for me 😛

  5. They # @Jasmineandtea also on the title she got really great content

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