Small Garden May 2023 Up to 4K

Fascinating changes in just eight weeks of spring. See my advice for maintaining the garden weed and pest free, quite simply.

No dig, no fertilisers or slug pellets. I weed often yet very little. And cut the grass edges, the hedges

This is the video of 8 weeks earlier, planting on 20th March.

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15 Replies to “Small Garden May 2023 Up to 4K”

  1. Thank you Jesus.$32,000 weekly profit Our lord Jesus have lifted up my Life!!!

  2. My best carrots every year are planted between my onions. I sow the seeds in early June and by the time I pull out the onions, the carrots have plenty of space to grow. It is a very bountiful part of my garden. I plant 300 onions, then I get fresh carrots from Sept to march. I am in Pacific northwest zone 7.

  3. Hi Charles, is it okay do you think if cabbages & cauliflower remain in the ground after the harvesting period, are they capable at this stage to keep going on, or will they start seeding? I don’t want to compost them onto my heap because l finally got beautiful lush plants. I’m actually surprised they actually took off for me after trying to grow those as last year l grew them at the wrong time & it was a complete failure!

  4. Thank you Charles. Having problems with down pours washing beets, carrots, peas away so replanted. Zone 6B U.S.A. In the 90's few weeks back. 64F today w. heavy to light rain. We needed.
    Roma withheld winds. Two things I'd like to share with you Charles.
    1.) I was watching tomato site. On indeterminant varieties, depending on conditions like spacing he does not remove suckers and cuts back the top that won't get ripe tomatoes before end of season.
    2.) I'm in my mid 70's and also learning how to strengthen my weak low back muscles and painful knees. No more weaknesses and pain free adventures in the garden.

  5. este episodio me encanto miser charly!.el jugo de naranja y espinaca sabe muy rico por las mañanas,me encanatria poder ver como instalas la malla para protejer los cultivos del frio,o de esos molestos pajaros que picotean mi huerto????.. por cierto linda camisa ????…extraño ver al gatitoooo????????????????????????

  6. Great video Charles and crew!

    I was watching James Prigioni and he was talking about using fake painted small stones to look like strawberries, at this time of year as the feasters would go to eat them and get put off by the "hard" strawberries and come the ripening stage, they would hopefully leave them alone. We have half term coming up so a craft at least for the kids to try out and help!?

    What temp did you get there at night in the end? It went down to 6c here in London on the night of the 15th. Our courgettes and runner beans went in on the 7th and tomatoes on the 14th, once we finished the trellis. All were late compared to previous few years i have been recording the dates.

    I didn't cover those or the shop bought desire's, we are trying to grow. They seemed to ok as it didn't cover them.

    But i always struggle when they say frost. Is that below 5 c or below 2c?

    Just in the last 3 days, everything has just shot up with the sunshine!

  7. Thanks Charles I was checking every day hoping for a new video.And here it is. Loved it. Make another one tomorrow please.

  8. Making a wheelchair accessible garden is proving yo be a nightmare for me ???? i love your video's but would love more tips for accessibility friendly gardening ????

  9. I just love when you show your small garden, it’s very similar in size to my small No Dig garden and I always learn so much from you! Thank you so much for sharing????

  10. I used to buy second hand saws to edge my beds but now we have an awful noisy petrol thing because I can't crawl along the ground anymore ???? I think I might keep an eye out for those long handled biters you have and try to convince my partner to ditch the awful motorised thing. Lovely to hear all of your experience. Thank you for sharing ????

  11. Here in the grim wastelands of the North I've got actual pea pods on the plants (started in the PT in Feb), I planted a whole packet of 3yr old PSB seeds as a test in your 60 modules and every one germinated so I planted them out, 40 odd were taken by the rabbits in the first night. Oddly they left the lettuce and beetroot. Salsify are sprouting haphazardly, Cutworms have taken many plants so far, but I grew plenty to replace them, carrots doing well, as are Caulis and Kohl. First time for Cucamelons and they're very slow after germination for some reason.

  12. Pill bugs have been bad this year. They ate some of my tomato seedlings. I dont think i have ever seen that before. I have been putting ground egg shell on the stems to try and help.

  13. Nice video!
    Thank you for that????

    I‘m starting out this year with a new garden and while it’s been unusually cold and wet my vegetables haven‘t grown much this year yet.
    I hope there will come some decent grow to get a harvest and therefore also sucession planting. Young plants are waiting for it.

    In late Summer or autumn I will put on some local greenwaste compost and hope to get pace by pace a nice no dig garden. Sadly this compost isn‘t exactly ripe and it‘s very dry, so only potatoes and tomatoes are doing well there, most other crops have died why I stopped to spread it during this growing season.

    Charles, is there any opportunity to buy this really beautiful looking red salad variety anywhere?
    What is it named? I‘m not sure if I understood it well … is it Navarra?

    Thank you!

  14. I’ve noticed quite a few rolly pollies, aka pillbugs, too. In VA, USA. They seem to like the roots of my seedlings in the cellar.

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