Shh, it's a secret. Real Dark Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

* Most of the recipes released on the Internet may be butter cream using cocoa powder.
Here is a recipe for butter cream using real chocolate.

*This is American buttercream, so it is sweeter than other types of buttercream (Swiss meringue buttercream, Italian meringue buttercream…).
Of course, compared to other American buttercream recipes, the amount of sugar is cut in half.
If you don’t like sweets, you may find it too sweet. You can reduce sugar and chocolate by about 20%.

*It should be noted that if the amount of sugar is reduced too much, the structure of the butter cream is weakened, and there is a possibility of easily collapsing after piping.
So if you don’t like sweet things, please consider making another type of butter cream.

[Dark chocolate buttercream frosting]
*This is enough to make one 7-inch 2-layer cake or one 6-inch 3-layer cake.

400 g unsalted butter(room temperature)
: Moderately soft, but not too much soft.

220 g confectioners’ Sugar or powdered sugar (sifted )
: Make sure to sift it and use it.

160 g good-quality dark chocolate (*I used 64% chocolate.)
: Use real dark chocolate, not chocolate chips used in cookies.
I recommend using good quality chocolate.

1~2 Tbsp milk (If necessary)
: In my case, I add different amounts of milk depending on the season.
1-2Tbsp in summer, 5-6Tbsp in winter

2 tsp vanilla extract
: It is recommended for flavor.

—used music—–
Blooming Melody – Romantic Inspiring Music

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  1. Sis can you please clarify my doubt sis…
    1.Is buttercream get melt as like a whip cream?
    2.After frosting buttercream in cake we need to keep in fridge sis?
    3.Did Buttercream is a normal cake which is like bakery cake?

  2. Hi is the texture of this buttercream not gritty? and is this stable on hot weather? 😊

  3. Loved the patterns you made using 1M nozzle. Will be of great help as iam a homebaker. Please share vanilla buttercream frosting and cream cheese frosting (both with whipped cream n butter) .would be really helpful. Thtin advance

  4. Maravillosa ,lo tengo que hacer gracias x enseñarnos tanto un millón de gracias

  5. Lovely buttercream recipe, can we add more chocolate to this to make it more chocolatey ?

  6. Шикарный крем, а главное, не надо ничего варить.

  7. 160g chocolate amargo
    400g mantequilla
    220g azúcar impalpable
    1-2 cucharadas de leche si fuera necesario
    1-2 cdas de esencia de vainilla

  8. Can I skip chocolate and make it into American vanilla buttercream with same sugar butter ratio?

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