11 Ways To Build Up Your Emergency Fund

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10 Replies to “11 Ways To Build Up Your Emergency Fund”

  1. Love you guys very much appreciate all kinds of help full tips God bless you. You and your family keep it up good work.

  2. Great video! Just found you all and I appreciate the real life examples. You two are so knowledgeable! Also, I love the lipstick/jacket color combo here!

  3. Love that spending freeze idea. Doing that. And stopping shopping (and eating!) out of my feelings. 😊

  4. great tips! i do have a question: I've been trying to figure out how to adjust the W-2s, in terms of allowances and such, but without having to owe the IRS at the end… How do I do that? I already know about the IRS website and calculator but I have no idea HOW to determine all that…

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