college WEEK in my life | clean out my closet w me, working out, clothing haul

College WEEK in my life – cleaning out my closet, grocery shopping at the new Downtown Athens Target, Revolve clothing haul, back on my workout grind, doing homework, and more. Links to everything mentioned below.. SUBSCRIBE for new videos 2x a week! Xoxo, Dani

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Fendi Pajamas:

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Black Halter Top:

Black Dress:

Floral Dress:

Black Cut Out Tank Top:

Bikini Top:

Bikini Bottoms:

Pink Shoulder Pad Blouse:

Nude Tank Top:

Blue Long Sleeve Top:
Leopard Puffy Sleeve Top:
White Halter Top: Tank Top:

Pink Tank Top:

Trippy Zebra Bodysuit:

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26 Replies to “college WEEK in my life | clean out my closet w me, working out, clothing haul”

  1. why do you take ginger shots? I see them all the time in your videos but what do they actually do

  2. Seriously your post spin hair is incredible! My hair has been getting so sweaty I have to at least rinse my hair after each ride lol

  3. THANK U for donating clothes instead of selling 😭 it’s so disappointing and selfish when other influencers sell things they got for free, especially considering they clearly don’t need the money

  4. What a great video, keep thinking positive things about Graduation you will be proud of yourself on gradating from college I know that I'm proud of you!

  5. Lol stop. Why does it sound like you're saying parking dick each time you it😂

  6. Take a shot every time Dani pulls a pair of jeans out from her closet

    lol love you girl and can't wait for you to move to nyc

  7. I’m going to miss these so much :(( but can’t wait for the New York vlogs!!!

  8. instead of ginger shots, i have been food processing my own ginger, freezing it, and adding it to warm water or tea in the morning! its wonderful!

  9. Hey dani, its really bad for your hair not to wash it after you exercise 😐 you should wash it every time it gets sweaty

  10. I don't think they're in season right now, but, try Kiwi Berries from TJ's. TRUST me they're the best thing EVER!!!!!

  11. The best vibes from this video ✨✨ love that orange set on you 🍊

  12. I’m moving to nyc in the fall- cannnnnot wait to watch the vlogs while in nyc!!!

  13. danielle!!! can you please please do a mini story or mini highlight about your accutane journey?? im starting soon & a few videos ago i heard you say you did it & it was the best choice ever! i would love to hear as many experiences as i can love you & i cant wait for the NYC vlogs!!

  14. I LOVE that you are trying to make the most of your last month of school! Can really see that you're trying to soak up these last few weeks!

  15. I’m a crazy planner. Also trying to be more spontaneous. It seems variety is the spice of life. Hardest part is trying. It seems worth it.

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