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Welcome to a show that takes a fresh look at watches and watchmaking. Join us as we discover the latest watch news and react to the craziest watches on the market. This week we talk about the recent Fratello Watches interview with Swatch CEO Nick Hayek.

We Talk To Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek About The MoonSwatch

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26 Replies to “SHOCKING MoonSwatch Update | Watchfinder & Co.”

  1. The statement isn't for us watch enthusiasts, it's for the general public who don't know a thing about watches.

  2. I still wouldn't mind one in my collection, but there's no way I'm making a concious effort to go to a store miles away to pick one up, particularty if stock isn't guaranteed. The flippers ruined this launch, a £1000 for a plastic watch, over my dead body!

  3. I own a 2021 Speedmaster Sapphire and would have bought one if available online. I don't have the time to visit stores with little chance of stock availability. I work full time and am a parent. I can't go gallivanting around London to buy one. Idiot CEO.

  4. Greatest media and sales hype , a plastic copy of a famous watch , who would have thought this could happen . I am amazed how many people pass negative remarks and opinions on Homage/copy type watches yet think this watch is something to rush out and buy . Strange situation .

  5. I think by limiting online sales it will deter the scalpers and bots from going scorched earth buying up every pieces only to turn around to sell them for $1000+ each.

    I would like one, and buying online would be easier for me as the nearest “Swatch” store is a five hr return trip and $50 in parking fees.

    So unless they’re able to eliminate the bots/scalpers turning this into a PS5 fiasco..I would rather spend the time, gas and parking fees rather than give one dollar to a scalper!

  6. Sounds like they’ve had a huge problem with manufacture /supply ? They would have sold tens of thousands online , with small numbers arriving at dealers they’ve changed tack and decided that you need the full experience . More likely they’re trying to find a way to stop the colours bleeding out of them. I’d have bought one early days, but the momentum has gone.

  7. Someone in the comment section mentioned that sales of the genuine Moonwatch have risen 50% since the launch of this plastic toy… which makes me wonder how much of a jump in sales the 'homage' market has seen.

    Seems to me that Swatch would shift a lot more of these things if they made it easier to buy one, but what do I know.

  8. Was going to buy one, but simply refuse to ‘compete’ in order to buy a product. They can get stuffed, can’t be bothered.
    Brands exist to service my need, not the other way around.

  9. I was going to buy one when it launched, been to 2 different Swatch stores, Edinburgh and even as far away as Dubai (on a business trip). The whole experience has been abysmal and frankly put me off not only these watches but also Omega as a brand and all the Swatch Group brands, selling my Seamaster and getting a Tudor Black Bay. Sorry Swatch, this launch has backfired and you have lost a customer who has owned 4 Omega's in the past. For that kind of money you are better off with a Seiko or a Casio anyway.

  10. They blew the chance to buy online but can only have it delivered to the store for physical pick up. They really dropped the ball.

  11. Even if their reasoning wasn't absolutely horseshit, this blatant disregard for online watch purchase shows that the swiss watch industry is still stuck in the past. They screwed up in the quartz crisis, and they are screwing up in the new online, direct to consumer model.

  12. If I was a Brexiteer I’ll be waiting for the Mars swatch, feck Global Britain will go full intergalactic.

  13. The stupidity of that move is extraordinary. If I can get one online I will buy one, if I cant, then I wont. I dont give a stuff about the emotion of the purchase but I like the product

  14. I feel everybody is crazy about criticizing Swatch for selling in store (it was the standard some years, remember? before you become a fatty web-surfer. And still it is so for the Rolex/other overpriced watches), it's a commercial choice of a company, what do you want to do nationalize them?

  15. I nipped into the Oxford St store whilst in London for work yesterday. Started asking the member of staff about whether they had any in stock with “silly question…” and she immediately knew what I was going to ask about, she simply shook her head. How Swatch can make a plastic toy more unobtanium than a Rolex is an achievement in itself.

  16. My response to Swatch CEO Nick Hayek: Where I live in the US, I can't find any Swatch in my region, and unlike that person driving all over Switzerland, I don't plan to drive or fly for a thousand miles to get to a Swatch boutique. Considering there are plenty of Swiss watch brands that sell online (including many luxury watch brands), their lack of an online store leaves me cold. And I'm not going to pay the super-inflated prices being asked by flippers. So I'll save my bucks to buy a better brand of watch that's more desirable and that will last.

  17. By the time they're readily available I'll have saved enough for the real thing…

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